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Stonewall Democrats put the LGBT Money Where the Leadership Is

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The folks over at the National Stonewall Democrats, the LGBT Democratic organization, have decided to put their support and money behind the politicians that support our community after what is seen by many as the frustratingly slow movement on LGBT rights by supposedly pro-equality Democrats.

PJM.jpgIt seems that the gAyTM might open up again to those who take strong leadership roles in the fight for LGBT rights and equality. Case in point: Congressman Patrick Murphy, who on July 8th became the lead sponsor for H.R. 1283, the Military Readiness Enhancement Act, which is the Congressional effort to overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

The Stonewall Dems lay it our very simply:

When our Democratic leaders stand up for equality, they need to feel our support. Join Stonewall Democrats in supporting Patrick Murphy's bold leadership.

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Congressman Murphy is the first Iraq war veteran elected to Congress. He's not only taken the lead on the legislation, but has been making the rounds on the talk shows (like the Rachel Maddow Show on July 7th) to talk about the need for repeal of DADT.

MP26980-2T.jpgTo show support for Murphy, the Stonewall Democrats have set up a "Thank You, Congressman Murphy" petition online and set up a fundraising page on Act Blue to support Congressman Murphy's reelection.

Within 24 hours, the page has already raised over $1,500. As the number grows, you can bet the sudden support for LGBT rights from previously silent politicians will too.

It is vitally important that we hold our leaders accountable, especially those who have wooed our community for years with promises like the Democrats. But the other side of the coin is also true: we must support those who step forward and take the lead when others are silent.

You can bet Congressman Murphy will now have a huge rainbow colored target on his back from the far-right and powerful anti-gay fundamentalist political groups. Let's show our strength as a community as well.

See also: Local Politicians work with SLDN to support HR 1283 and the repeal of DADT on the grassroots level.

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This is a fantastic idea from Stonewall Democrats! I'm going to make a donation now. After all the complaining from all of us over the last few months about leaders who don't do anything, we should definitely step up for our FRIENDS in Congress.

(Heterosexual) Patrick Murphy is a true fierce advocate for fairness for us.

David Castillo David Castillo | July 14, 2009 5:33 PM

I'm glad the Stonewall Dems are doing this, too. He definitely deserves the resources, as do all those who step up to advocate for our issues.