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The Relentless Damage of Pope Benedict XVI

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It's not enough that he has set Catholicism back several decades (you should have known that was his objective when he chose the name of the last pope he could actually respect, Benedict XV, 1914-1922, who invented canon law). Having torched seminaries with his witch hunt for homosexual candidates for the priesthood, he has now turned his bloody eye on that weakest and most endangered workforce of the Roman Catholic Church, the nuns.

As reported in The New York Times, B16 has initiated what he is calling a "visitation", but let's call it what it really is, an inquisition. He's gotten wind of the fact that some nuns don't wear habits, some nuns have secular work (gotta pay the bills on those vast and empty convents) and some nuns have supposedly developed an interest in Reiki. B16 in usual Vatican fashion lumps Reiki in with voodoo and sees it as opposed to Catholic faith. (This is a subject for another day, but Reiki actually talks about the flow of healing energy from and within the human body. Substitute grace for energy and you're on safe Catholic ground. Plus, the "laying on of hands" is part of ancient Catholic tradition and ritual. Reiki just does it more intently.)

Because B16 can't ride his dark horse up to the gate of each and every American convent, he has deputized an American nun as his grand inquisitor visitator. The New York Times calls her "apple-cheeked" and with "smiling eyes," but make no mistake. She is B16 in a dress. Oh wait. A different dress (supply any reverse drag joke you like). Mother Mary Clare Millea has a degree in canon law from the Lateran University in Rome. She's a well-connected Vatican tool. Beneath her sweet words of overture to the nuns of America is the obvious disciplinary intent.

Don't believe me? Read the letter she wrote to the Superiors General of orders of American nuns, encouraging cooperation in this Apostolic Visitation. Did you miss the part where she, unable to ride her own dark horse up to the gates of those dusty convents, asks for a supply of deputies to do the inquisition visitation for her?

Please note that all those who take part in the work of the Apostolic Visitation will be acting in the name of the Apostolic See. For this reason, they must be willing to make a public profession of faith and take an oath of fidelity to the Apostolic See.

I guess the vows that nuns take and the creed that all Catholics recite at Mass are not enough for grinning Sister Cheeky. She's demanding a special allegiance to B16 that will assure her of a compliant army of like-minded tools.

Any nun who participates in this nonsense should have her head examined. Already treated like second-class-wannabe-priests-without-dicks, nuns have in recent decades had to fend for themselves in designing their role in the church. In that process and with no chance to actually administer the sacraments they are taught to revere, they have become educated and ministerially effective in non-traditional ways. I would venture to say that in many communities, nuns are more respected than priests because they obviously lack institutional clout but still do the drudge work of mercy that is closer to the intention of the authentic Jesus rather than that of the sock puppet Jesus into which B16 daily shoves his fist.

To be sure, I've got some bad memories of working with some miserable nuns, but I also knew and respected an equal number of really good ones. As you would guess, there were many lesbians among both the good and bad lots. They get a doubly raw deal from the Catholic Church and I always wondered why they didn't all walk away from it.

I have one thing to say to all the nuns that remain. Ladies, this is your chance to grow some big ones. With one voice, you need to send a resounding "F__K You" to B16 when Mother Mary Clare Millea and her minions come to inspect your skirts. I am rather sure that is what Miss Jesus would do.

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The Catholic Mafia is after nuns now?

What have Nuns done to deserve all this?
They don't wear Habits anymore. Seriously? THAT is the Catholic Churches "biggest" problem?

Those scally wag nuns. Running around w/out a habit. They look like... OMG WOMEN? Hahhaaa.
Actually they typically all look like middle aged lezzies comfortably vacationing in P-town.

Except nuns don't typically ever get to vacation. Cause they never get the good "swag"... their nuns.

This is why all these nuns need a new spokeswoman. They don't have Mother Theresa making every body else look lazy. No Mary Tyler Moore falling for Elvis. They don't even have a Sister Dominque w/a catchy Top 10.

Why hasn't Hollywood re-done that old Debbie Reynolds movie anyway? Cause seriously... THAT would be SO cool!

The Singing Nun rated R.


So Father Tony, do you think the Apostolic Blind is looking to resurrect their cherished institution of "The Magdalene Asylum"?

It is the arrogance of the mono-theist creed from Rome to diminish women in the world of their equal place in male dominated political society and deny them previously revered status as givers of life.

The Blind cannot stand for a resurgence of Paganism, you were so right to point out that Visitation is nothing more than a new term for Inquisition which was used in atrocities against life, mainly lives of women.

I have zero respect for the Rat-Zinger and his church. It is a decadent and depraved institution.

A. J. Lopp | July 3, 2009 3:24 PM

Where is the surprise in this? Ratzie got into hot water with the Muslims because they do not serve God the way he expects them to, and to prevent his own fatwa had to quickly backpedal, pleading internationally for reconciliation and ecumenical understanding, and generally loosening up on his rabid fundamentalism.

I'm sure this "loosening up" also caused him a few loose trips to the bathroom. (Shouldn't one expect a bit of diarrhea after visiting the Middle East? Especially when your speech there involves kicking a few camels in the ass, then sucking on ones own feet in public?)

Perhaps he is now compensating this global embarrassment, trying to get his natural system back into kilter, when he is now internally dumping on the nuns, so to speak, because they can't stay in line with his dogma, either. Nothing stabilizes an irritated colon like a good ol' pontiff-fecal purge.

You must admit, B16 is consistent if he is not anything else ... it's just not a Blessed Day if you can't crack down on something.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | July 4, 2009 1:19 AM

I have spent several rewarding retreats at the Abby of Gethsemane in Trappist Kentucky. It was the home of Thomas Merton as I am sure you are aware. One of the most prolific and inspirational writers of his time. I wonder what the present pope would have to say about his travel to Thailand to study meditation techniques with Buddhists? What would they say about his relationship with the Dalai Lama, interest in Japanese religions or any other boundary testing outside the Latin snare.

The nuns are first and easiest. The Monks are fewer and richest. Just think of all those Thomas Merton royalties flowing into Gethsemane's coffers.

And still the "business" of the church increasingly has meant less interest in people and more interest in endowments. In small town Michigan City Indiana a group of nuns owns a construction company. Surprise, surprise they do all the construction work for Catholic hospitals and schools even reaching into Chicago.

A cousin of mine is a retired construction foreman from that company and working for nuns has completely broken his once solid faith. Of course certain orders are poor, but wealthy in ASSETS of land. This guise, this interest, is more about Rome shaking the money tree from it's wealthiest arm. As they go broke in spirit so they go broke financially. Expect the orders to be consolidated and the assets to flow to mother church.

Dolores Umbridge, is that you?

It doesn't come as a surprise since The Rat was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which was the new name given to the inquisition. While he was a Cardinal he spent his time hunting heretics, firing professors cleaning our seminaries.
He was the strong arm guy for the conservative view point and now he is at the helm.

Haha More leftist bullshit from the "I am stuck in 1968 crowd" Sorry it is gonna be Pope Benedict who is gonna say F U to these crackpot nuns who abandoned the charism of their orders long ago to start protesting nuclear war and supporting abortion rights.Your article was as funny as watching Catholic liberals squirm with this Pope in charge.After 40 years of being in control payback is really a bitch.Anyway these old lefty nuns dont have to worry about being forced to wear a habit for long cause 85% of them are over 70.These crazy orders have not seen a vocation since Nixon was in office.So to all you Catholic liberals who are still singing Kum Bay Ya I heard there is an Episcopal Church down the street just for you!Just look for the rainbow flag...you will find it haha. Pax