August 16, 2009

Totally Gay for GenCon!

Filed by Zac Hart | August 16, 2009 | 8:01 PM | comments

After living my entire life in and around the Indianapolis area (minus my short stints in San Fran and Tokyo), I finally decided to take the plunge into the "Geekdom" known as GenCon 09. For those of you who...Read More

GMHC's House of Latex Ball Burns Down NYC's Roseland Ballroom. Again.

Filed by Father Tony | August 16, 2009 | 7:30 PM | comments

On Saturday, I attended GMHC's 19th annual House of Latex Ball. It. Was. Fabulous. The thousands of house-ball devotees filled New York City's Roseland Ballroom, but I was amazed at how well-behaved this fiercely beautiful crowd was. (This ball was...Read More

A Taste of Equality - Indy Impact's First Fundraiser!

Filed by Zac Hart | August 16, 2009 | 5:46 PM | comments

Are you tired of calling your local representative, demanding that your rights be granted sooner, rather than later? Does protesting the latest Anti-Gay victory take up too much of your time or perhaps your hands are still recovering from the...Read More

Diaper Fetish Caper

Filed by Gloria Brame, Ph.D. | August 16, 2009 | 5:30 PM | comments

In the category of "why desperately frustrated fetishists need to work on their issues before they do something craaaazy," this strange story about another Craigslist ad debacle. Woman Falls Victim to Man's Baby Fetish, Via Craigslist According to a report...Read More

Judge Rules that Gay Accusations are not Libel: Gays and Lesbians "Not Contemptible"

Filed by Jason Tseng | August 16, 2009 | 4:00 PM | comments

Reuters reports that US Circuit Judge Denny Chin has ruled that Howard Stern can sue Anna Nicole Smith biographer Rita Crosby for defamation, but not over claims that Stern was gay or engaged in gay sex acts because homosexuality is...Read More

Obama, Lipton, To Seize World's Teabags

Filed by Don Davis | August 16, 2009 | 2:30 PM | comments

WASHINGTON (FNS) - In a startling development related to the recent disruptions of town hall meetings, FNS is now able to confirm that the Obama Administration, with the assistance of Unilever Group and Queen Beatrix, both of the Netherlands, PepsiCo,...Read More

Somos seres humanos, ¡coño!

Filed by Pedro Julio Serrano | August 16, 2009 | 1:00 PM | comments

Tras escuchar el triste y conmovedor relato de Marcial, un hombre gay que perdió recientemente a su compañero, hoy reafirmo -- con todas las fuerzas de mi ser -- mi compromiso de luchar porque logremos la igualdad que merecemos las...Read More

Resurrecting Arizona Stonewall Democrats

Filed by Bobby Parker | August 16, 2009 | 11:30 AM | comments

Steve Brittle has been described, probably by himself, as a 'hell-raising environmentalist.' People refer to me as a gay rights activist. Together we have decided to use our network of friends and acquaintances, Steve's political savvy, and our combined organizational...Read More

Sunday Funnies: 'That's Gay' Commercials

Filed by Waymon Hudson | August 16, 2009 | 10:00 AM | comments

My favorite nerdy show on my favorite nerdy channel, InfoMania on Current TV, has started taking on media misrepresentation of the LGBT community in a rather hilarious and irreverent way in a segment called "That's Gay.". This segment is focused...Read More


Turn the World Gay

Filed by Ed Team | August 16, 2009 | 7:30 AM | comments

"I very much want to inject gay culture into the mainstream. It's not an underground tool for me. It's my whole life. So I always sort of joke the real motivation is to just turn the world gay." --Lady Gaga,...Read More

Dr. Who Kisses Captain Jack

Filed by Bil Browning | August 16, 2009 | 7:00 AM | comments

At Comic-Con, John Barrowman asked David Tennant of Dr. Who fame for a kiss. Tennant obliged. (Hat tip to Prince at Bamboo Nation for the video)...Read More