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Are you born gay?

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It's interesting to me that so many of us use the line, "Is being gay a choice? Who'd choose a life of discrimination?" (Which, of course, is a different question than "Are you born gay?") I'd choose the life of discrimination; it's made me a better person and it's not all been "Poor oppressed me!"

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I believe we are born with the ability to lust after or partner with either sex. Environmental triggers and internal affinities coax us down our own paths. Society merely provides the labels.

All you have to do is look at our simian relatives to see how natural non-procreative sex is with members of either sex.

So I guess my answer would be: No.

Oh, please, born bisexual my ass. I was experimenting with other boys at 7 while having not the slightest interest in a girl beyond target practice for my water balloons.

I always find such vehemence a little suspect in guys (both "gay" and "straight"). Especially when coupled with such a hilariously sexual metaphor!

Look at all those letters under the logo up there. That's just gonna get longer and longer as more people realize how varied we are sexually.

Lord, how we cling to our labels.


Peace? "Free Love!" would have been a more fitting closer.

I Guess i was born...naturarly born....bad...its such a sin....
No...i am not born gay...or maybe i was naturarly and than i was raised by the most puritan hypocratics ever and i just
And when gonne away...followed and rediscovered my gayness...freely
really pain young age at 7-9 beeing squeezed into boxes....
I am a free person
no DNA no society no Psychology
i am an autonomous free individual free thinking and naturarly

so many factors enter into our decision-making in life. whether we are born as gay or straight, we do have one choice. that choice is to participate in either of those modes of sexuality. i kind of understand when people say we choose to be gay, in that we can readily engage in gay sexual relations, or not. that goes for straight sex, too.
but so many of us of a certain age were brought up purely straight, with "queer" (the operative word then) 100% unacceptable. the activities surrounding stonewall and the loosening of taboos in general so many years ago led lots of us to a new awakening, and we began to realize that gay was neither abnormal nor unacceptable.
my purely natural attraction to men is, i am sure, natural. if that means it was there at birth, then that's what it means. if it was a step in that direction through learning and societal mores, that's okay with me, too. i certainly had choices and i took advantage of the straight choices, but that can't take away the reality of the situation for me.

In the maternal side of my family, nearly half the boys born to female relatives are gay, including several with more then one gay brother.

I'd say there has to be a genetic component, it's seems pretty obvious.