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Barney Frank to woman comparing President Obama to Nazis: "On What Planet Do You Spend Most Of Your Time?"

Filed By Michael Crawford | August 19, 2009 12:00 PM | comments

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Rep. Barney Frank may be a controversial figure on Bilerico, but for his response to a woman comparing President Obama to Nazis for pushing universal healthcare he deserves two thumbs up.

The exchange occurred at a town hall meeting on healthcare reform and as you can see in the clip below the crazy was not afraid to show it's face. And, Barney was not afraid to hit back.

Kudos to Barney for standing his ground and being unafraid to confront the lies, distortions, and flat out bigotry being spewed by anti-health reform mobs.

h/t: Pam's House Blend

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"Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table."

I sometimes feel the same way with some of the vile commenters who frequent this blog. Way to go Barney!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | August 19, 2009 3:52 PM

I want that quote on a t-shirt. That's the perfect response to birthers, teabaggers, and other wing-nuts.

Thank you Barney Frank. It takes a gay person to make a village. No doubt this proves it.

Gee, I agree with you (but almost certainly not about who is a vile commenter)

And as it turns out, Barney was dead on accurate about his objections to gender expression in ENDA

did you read the current bill?
The penis in the shower issue is addressed. Opps, no penises in the ladies shower.

Seems odd that you of all people would be addressing this issue.

You going there again?.....sorry Monica, I am an anatomically correct female brand of woman. Deal with it. Unlike some, I find speculation on someone's undercarriage insufferably rude unless they bring it up themselves. Where ever you got your information, they were wrong and I find your attempts to bully me into discussing my anatomy bordering on sexual harassment at this point.

I've told you I have standard "girl parts" at least eight times in the past year in this and other forums. It's far past time for you to cease and desist.

I have to laugh at the fact that you can be so funny at times at how easily you can jump to conclusions. (I could easily insert a Shakespeare line here, but I won't.)

I said, "Seems odd that you of all people would be addressing this issue." What I meant here was that since you are the self-professed smartest classical transsexual in your clan, then you would know that many classical transsexuals still have their penises for all kinds of reasons. This part of ENDA would affect them like any other trans woman who is not "anatomically correct."

This is not about you and what you have or don't have. Who cares. What is important is those people who will be affected by this, regardless of how they identify. Think of them, YOUR sisters. Do something to help them for once, instead of getting mad for no reason at all. They look up to you. Are you going to let them down?

Read Barney's comment.....insert here. Vile was a most apt choice of words.

Actual classic transsexual women would never impose a pre-corrected body on women in a place of nudity, that's one of the differences between having a woman's sensibilities and having a man's.

I confess to having a genius level IQ.

You and I both know your intent here, you came right out and said it on SA-ET's blog not long ago figuring you'd be banned there anyway.

I do not appreciate the continued baiting, but concede you are a master at it.

"Actual classic transsexual women would never impose a pre-corrected body on women in a place of nudity, that's one of the differences between having a woman's sensibilities and having a man's."

Can you prove this, something more than heresay? Can you prove that those who don't identify as classical transsexuals don't feel the same, without heresay? The world is not so black and white, left and right, up and down, top or bottom, male and female as you want to make it. Mother Nature can think beyond binaries, as we see, Human Nature cannot.

Oh yes, I am addressing this because I do NOT wish someone with a penis sharing the women's showers with me.....like 99% of the women on the planet.

Because I am local, I watched this last night on the news and I just keep lovin' it.

Rep. Barney Frank, Thank you!!

This was simply a town hall meeting where Rep.
Frank was attempting to explain the proposed
health care reform. Everyone should be treated
with dignity and respect. There is no excuse
for the treatment Rep. Frank was receiving.

Way to go Barney!!

I am beginning to lose faith in the intelligence of the American people and thus their ability to make decisions.

I have always been a fan of the Barney, and I suspect that time will increase his appraisal. When he is no longer among us, we will realize how much we need him and wonder why, when he was with us, we trashed him so often.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 20, 2009 4:18 AM

Some people have short memory spans.

Barney Franks is almost as fierce a defender of GLBT equality as Obama. Almost.

He gutted ENDA in 2007 to the delight of bigoted employers, christian rightists and homohaters everywhere. On behalf of bigoted employers Barney Frank accepted every amendment offered by right wing christer Democrats and Republicans. He even embraced a Republican amendment stipulating that ENDA could not be used to undercut Bill Clinton's DOMA. ENDA will have a though fight because Frank gutted the original one and because Congress is largely composed of right centrist Democrats and Republicans who pander to christian rightists.

Barney Frank defended the vile bigotry of Obama's DoJ when they filed legal briefs in support of Bill Clinton's DOMA.

He opposed granting same sex marriages in San Francisco.

Clintoncare, Obamacare and McCaincare are all flawed in exactly the same way and for exactly the same reasons. They're sellout measures meant to enrich the owners and managers of HMOs, insurance companies like AIG and Big Pharma. Why should activists for LGBT rights give a damn who wins this sham debate or who loses it?

Frank engages in a bit political theatre with another right winger defending Obama's sellout. It’s no big deal and it’s certainly not our not our fight. These town hall debacles are just the Republicans dogging a politician from a competing gang of hustlers, the Democrats. Both support the war, pander to bigots and oppose socialized medicine. The Democrats will respond in kind next time they lose, and if Obama keeps it up that could be in 2012.

If it's not socialized medicine it's not going to work. Obama began his campaign caving to the right on GLBT rights, the war, health care, and Obama Robin Hood in Reverse program of welfare for the rich and austerity for working people. This is more of the same - a giveaway to the owners and obscenely overpaid managers of insurance companies like AIG, HMOs and Big Pharma. He’s rewarding the profit gougers and cheating us of real heath care reform.

With Democrats like Frank and Obama (and Pelosi, Reid and the rest) who needs Republicans?

Support the March on Washington! (Mainly because it’ll be an anti-Obama, anti-bigot rally and that scares the hell out of Democrats.)

What's with that outfit the speaker was wearing? Is she a hooker or did she oversleep and come to the town hall meeting in her lingerie?

If there is one thing to learn from this encounter that tact and diplomacy doesn't work with people who are intent on spreading misinformation.

Find one yourself. Find a real transsexual woman who says "I think it's fine to expose my male part to women in public facilities". Find a real transsexual woman who "keeps the penis" because they love it so much. Basic definitions seem to escape certain transgender types, don't they?

The transgender definition of transsexual seems to be "anyone who puts on women's clothes". In fact, I would love to hear what the transgender think is the difference between "transgender" and "transsexual". Anyone care to explain that? By the way, your continued insistence on dragging this issue into the genital area is obsessive and insulting.

Interesting how certain people always try to turn the question around. Remember, as an activist who wants to change society, the burden of proof is always on YOU. YOU must convince society why they are wrong and you are right. Unless you plan on imposing your will on other people by fiat, you have to sell your agenda to them. Or is that the plan with GENDA, to ram it down people's throats whether they like it or not? Mother nature can think outside of binaries, but people don't. Good luck trying to change that with ideas about "social gender", especially with the combative tone you take with people.

You can't make an omelet without . . . well, we all know how that goes.

"Ramming speed!"

"Torpedoes away!"

"Unleash hell."

Viva la Combat!

Has anyone seen my goalie mask and chainsaw?

I was once told by Jamison Green, "If you become an activist in the transgender community and you don't have people hate you, then you aren't accomplishing anything." Based on all the "love" I get each time I comment or have an article on Bilerico, I must be making a MAJOR IMPACT on the world's perception of trans people. I should be thanking all of you for your backhanded validation. You will all be in my prayers.

I'm not a big fan of Barney Frank, what with ENDA debacle, among other things, however in this instance I say, Way to Go Barney!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | August 22, 2009 1:21 PM

Barney has made clear that he is committed to passage of an inclusive ENDA this year. That's definite progress.