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Conan O'Brien was always a less-talented Letterman

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GLAAD responded to a joke performed by Conan O'Brien on the Tonight Show in which O'Brien poses for "tabloid" pictures he could sell and make a whole lot of money off. What do you think about this one?


Another one of the things L, G, B, and T people have in common is that any situation that involves us suddenly becomes too steamy, a freak-show, or embarrassing for others involved. A movie with a singlem half-shrouded gay sex scene is suddenly disgustingly pornographic. A couple kissing in the park, if they're two women, get arrested. And Conan can't just pose in front of fake strippers. No, they need fake mustaches. Because... why?

There's idiocy aplenty in this joke. A transwoman isn't a woman who puts on a mustache. "Trannie's" is poorly punctuated, if they're going for the joke I think they are, and, if not, it's nothing more than a slur to draw attention to the fact that the girls there... well, they're not really girls! Haw haw haw haw!

But the entire premise of the joke - it's bad to be caught with strippers, but even worse to be caught with transgender strippers - it's just an insult to an entire segment of the population.

I don't know who thought this was a good idea, but I imagine they won't even respond to criticism. If they do, it'll be something along the lines of "Can't you all take a joke?" Because that's totally the issue - LGBT people just have to learn to laugh a little.

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Look’s too silly to be taken seriously.

But when silly trannies try to be serious, that should get GLADD excited.

After being "educated" for the past decade that I'm not a "real" woman, but someone with a dick is.....

Not buying the woman with a mustache is any more offensive. Complaints about this sound to my ears as much a slam at gender queers as anything I've ever said about women with penises.

When GLAAD stops defaming the womanhood of women such as myself by defining us, totally against our desire and expressed position we consider this defamation, under a 'transgender' umbrella....then I'll pay attention to what they have to say, not a minute before. It is hugely insulting that they feel they have the right to address any aspect of my identity or life.

My body is female, my neurology is female, my life is as a woman.....calling me a transgender is openly insulting to all that. Something from my medical history should never be used to define the rest of my life once it was corrected. If you called me a gimp because of my spinal injuries, you'd understand my complaint about that, but this you ignore.

i never liked the cupie doll haired,puke anyway!
screw him

I've always assumed that Conan likes to get rimmed by men with mustaches --- even when they are wearing a dress.

And by saying that, I'm not sure which one I'm insulting worse.

I could take a joke a lot better if it weren't for the fact that a lot of our people are forced into prostitution because discrimination and prejudice are so rampant that they can't survive in the public school system and can't get jobs.

So why are you putting so much energy into worthless feel good bills like ENDA and not the anti-bullying legislation that actually will improve the situation?

conan is a sniveling closeted little transgirl lover. just like eddie murphy. ask the girls on the streets of LA, they'll tell you. watch out for murphy though, he is rumored to have murdered tgirls who threatened to out him.

The premise of the bit is Conan doing something embarassing and tabloiderific. For the strippers to be transgender says nothing necessarily about the strippers themselves, only about Conan. Any stripper is, by definition, an object. Since it's known that Conan is a standard heterosexual, his preferred sexual object has lady parts. Therefore in this context for Conan to be with "trannie" strippers represents a personal unraveling and/or extreme intoxication (notice the alcoholic drinks?)

Why do they need fake mustaches? Because it looks visually funny and absurd for a female stripper to have a mustache. So if you're questioning the mustache image of transwomen, I'm betting you've never watched Conan. There are all kinds of people, yes. This means there all kinds of senses of humor. Anyone who watches Conan knows he (and his staff) aren't bigots. Conan can't be expected to answer for the latent prejudices of some of his millions of viewers.

Anyway, back to what I was trying to google.