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Contest: The Labrys Reunion at Lilac Mines

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This week we have a special contest for Projectors that are tied to two guest posts.

Labrys_Lilac.jpgAuthors Cheryl Klein and Terry Wolverton aren't what you'd call a likely pairing. The two are friends and Terry has been a mentor of Cheryl's. Both have new books out and asked via contributor Prince Gomolvilas if they could guest post. He came up with the idea of having them interview each other; I asked that they both post about the same interview but from their own perspectives as members of different generations. It should be fascinating.

We're giving away a copy of both women's newest novels Cheryl's Lilac Mines and Terry's The Labrys Reunion. (I've skimmed both novels and, let me tell you, if I had more copies I'd keep one of each for myself!)

To win, just leave a comment below. Contest rules after the jump.

You can win a copy of both Cheryl Klein's Lilac Mines and Terry Wolverton's The Labrys Reunion just by leaving a comment on this post. Be sure to use a valid e-mail address so we can contact the winner. You can only enter once (we'll delete duplicate entries) and contributors aren't eligible to win. Winners will be drawn at random. One prize package is available.

Contest will close at midnight Pacific time on Wednesday, August 12th. If the prize isn't claimed within a week of contest closing, it will be given away to another entrant.

Good luck!

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yay! free, good books!

June of this year Patricia Nell Warren wrote a GREAT TBP article "Affirming Our Books Too. It inspired me to seek out again the LGBT independent bookstores locally, wherever I travel and show my support of the old fashion idea of what use to be a VERY vital resource of "olden days" community.

Here in St. Louis, MO we have Left Bank Books, founded in 1969. Last Sunday, I took my GF to my Shangrala. Left Bank Books has BOTH of these books that immediately grabbed my attention!! I totally agree that after thumbing thru both that I added it to the be purchased list... as this was my GFs shopping trip and I'm under strict budget orders to not make any more purchases until I finished objectifying my "Crotchblock Stack" by the bedside table.

My middle philistine Nolan [[F/15/daughter]] is always chiding me that the 6pack of stacked books is "really un-sexy"... which I then remind her that the GF is an English Major and there are more ways to get a lesbian in bed then Vickies Secretes.

Putting my name in the hat... cause if I don't win, I'm sneaking back to the store next week, picking both of them up and reduced to finding a hiding spot.

Aloha from Oahu, Hawaii!

Hey, I love contests and I wanted to add my two cents to the celebration of these books and authors! I'm not yet familiar with Cheryl Klein's work. I look forward to reading her work.

The name "Terry Wolverton" brings a smile to my face. Ms. Wolverton's writing class at the Gay and Lesbian Services Center in Hollywood was one of the first places where my writing was encouraged back in the early '90s. She was doing classes for health care workers. I greatly appreciate the support.

I've gone on to work with incarcerated kids and youth who have dropped out or been kicked out of high school encouraging their writing and art. I've started a publishing company producing bilingual biographical chapter-books for teens and adults who are beginning to read. Aspiring artists and authors are encouraged to check it out at www.OneVoicePublications.Net The first chapter-book will launch this fall! Hey, Terry! See what you started?!

Just putting my name in the hat! I did an undergraduate thesis on "Changing Lesbian Identity in 20th Century Lesbian Literature" and studied this generation gap as a part of that. Unfortunately, I found it hard to find contemporary lesbian literature (I assume) because of the issues of publication (that and maybe being in the South, the libraries rarely care lesbian titles).

These sound very interesting.

Name in the hat please.

Oh hell yeah - fingers crossed!

Always up for free books

Free books are wonderful.

I'm in - thanks.

Another St. Louisan here. All hail Left Bank Books. Now for a bit of a related wish for our community: a lesbian-oriented book review. I don't know the web offerings well. I do read the dead-tree Women's Review of Books and the Gay and Lesbian Review, but the first is a general women's studies book review with some lesbian content, and the other is predominantly gay.

Nick Shalosky | August 12, 2009 11:26 AM

Love contests! Would love to read the books! Will the winning books be autographed?

I will be in Boston this weekend with my Therese and we will take a look at bookstores to pick up these tomes.

Can anyone recommend a good bokstore near Waltham, where we will be staying?