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Love Thy Neighbor? Not at this Florida Church.

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And some wonder why Florida has the reputation as the conservative, backwards armpit of America?

Islam_devil-thumb.jpgThe Dove World Outreach Center near Gainesville, Florida, has started a new media blitz. Is it helping the poor? Building homes for the homeless? Opening a food bank?

Nope. The church has launched a "Islam is of the devil" campaign.

The church has put a large sign on their property with the message on it and begun printing shirts with the ever-so-catchy slogan on it for kids to wear to school.

How very Christian...

According to the Sun-Sentinel:

a 10-year-old girl at Talbot Elementary School who wore a shirt bearing the message "Islam is of the devil" on the first day of school. She was sent home.

The next day two Eastside High students and one Gainesville High student were sent home and a student at Westwood Middle had to change clothes because of the shirt.
One of those students was Emily Sapp, 15, the daughter of Dove Senior Pastor Terry Jones.

That's right. The "save the children" church crowd is using their kids as props in their hate-filled campaign.

Pastor Terry Jones has said he couldn't find a local company that "had the guts" to print the shirts. They had to go to an online company that let them design their own special hate-shirts.

One has to wonder what would happen if these "churches" turned their efforts from promoting intolerance and hate to doing good...

I'm not holding my breath to find out.

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Always plenty of money to be made from hate. Let's see, the Gainesville kooks have had their fun mocking gays & transgender people. Now let's pick on the Muslims. Remember, we have a 9-11 anniversary just around the corner, and the pinko college kids are back on campus, so it's prime season to peddle this garbage. Unfortunately, blog exposure will just increase their sales.