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From the Buckeye State - A Bigot for Sec of State?

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Here in the Buckeye State we are gearing up (already) for the 2010 elections. So far we have a contested U.S Senate primary between one fully LGBT supportive candidate, Jennifer Brunner and one who "is open to the idea" - Lee Fisher. Now, we are beginning to see a primary fight between Marilyn Brown and Jennifer Garrison for Secretary of State. It's not often that I brand a Democrat a bigot, but sometimes it is needed.

Let me first define what I mean by bigot in this instance. I label anyone who isn't for full marriage equality a bigot. I think that any straight married person that isn't for full marriage equality is an even bigger bigot, in that they hold the special distinction of being in the "I got mine" category. I realize that under this definition both Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama are bigots. So be it.

So, in this Secretary of State contest we have two women. Franklin County Commissioner Marilyn Brown and State Representative Jennifer Garrison.

Two days ago Franklin County became the largest jurisdiction in Ohio to extend Domestic Partner benefits to government employees. Commissioner Brown voted for this measure. In times of economic crisis and with her name on an upcoming state-wide ballot she was willing to vote for a measure that will cost the County money and places her squarely out of the center on this issue. She did it because it was the right thing to do, even if it costs her votes.

When Rep. Garrison was running for her seat in the Legislature, her stand was just a tad different than Commissioner Brown. Mrs. Garrison penned a Letter to the Editor of The Marietta Times that read in part:

Throughout our nation's history, it was simply understood that marriage was between a man and a woman. If our shared heritage and our values weren't enough to instruct us on the definition of marriage, Ohio's law has been clear.

And this is why Ohio's Defense of Marriage Act is so very important. It declares that marriages between people of the same gender are "against the strong public policy of the state" and will not be recognized in Ohio. It is hoped this should be enough to allow Ohioans to continue defining marriage for ourselves as between one man and one woman, and not have another definition forced upon us.

Remember, this is the Democrat in this race. She wrote the letter, because her Republican opponent opposed DOMA. Right, the Democrat gay baited voters and drove a wedge issue into the campaign on our backs.

If the roles had been reversed, the Democratic Party would have feigned horror and risen to arms to decry the divisive politics used by the Republicans. However, that isn't the case. The Ohio Democratic Party has stayed silent on the matter. Equality Ohio, who really likes to hobnob at Democratic events, has stayed silent on the matter as well mostly, I believe, because they want to pass a bill through the body that Rep. Garrison holds a leadership post in. Never mind that it has no shot of passing in the Ohio Senate.

We are seeing on the National stage what happens when we elect any Democrat at any cost. Rahm Emmanuel's Blue Dog strategy is coming home to roost. We need to avoid that same mentality here in Ohio. The seat is not important enough for the Democratic Party to beat down some of it's supporter with one of the platform planks.

I urge you to write James Winnett the LGBT Outreach person for the Ohio Democratic Party and let the part know that we will not stand for discrimnation and bigotry within our own party.

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Are LGBT people who don't support the legalization of same-sex and same-gender marriage bigots as well?

Follow-up Q: What about gays and lesbians (I don't know where the "B" and the "T" fits into this) who think marriage equality is the ideal, but are willing to accept the "separate but equal" civil unions for a number of years if that's what we can get ... are we bigots? Or just Uncle Tom's?

(Hey, you have a right to your own definitions, as long as you are clear and honest about them. But that doesn't mean it needs to be an accepted standard meaning for the term in question.)

A bigger bigot or at the very least a hypocritical one but perhaps that's a bit redundant.

In my opinion, yes. But those ones are self loathing bigots. The "Uncle Toms" of the LGBTQ world.

I will offer two exemptions to the bigot definition.

1. People who do not support same sex marriage because they don't support marriage as a government institution. As long as everyone is treated equally, it's all good.
2. People who see Civil Unions as a stop on the road to marriage equality.

That's cool. That makes sense to me.

Greg Griffin | August 21, 2009 8:24 AM

When Garrison first ran for office, it was the first time in my life I voted for a Republican. Her opponent at the time was someone I have known for 30 years, and I was impressed that the had the courage to stand up of for what was right, even though it cost her the election. She was a very much loved politician in our community and they turned against her in a second after Garrison's letter to the editor. I am proud of Nancy Hollister, her opponent at the time, and I'm sure she sleeps better at night for her choices.

Bill Perdue Bill Perdue | August 21, 2009 12:11 PM

I agree with you definition, especially about Obama, but I wonder why some people are still confused about him.

I suspect it's because they hear and see only what they want to hear and see. In other words they're gullible. Obama is as two faced as they come.

Obama is first and foremost a clone of Bill Clinton. Like Hillary Clinton, Palin, McCain and the rest he' a bigot by virtue of his pigheaded opposition to same sex marriage.

Obama's bigotry seems based in part on his personal devotion to christer superstions and in part on his non-stop political pandering to cult bigots. Although he's especially fond of playing up to big cults like the southern baptists, mormons and catholics he goes after all cultists – he's an equal opportunity panderer.

Obama, supported by those same southern baptists, mormons and catholics is the reason we lost same sex marriage in California. His christer bigots war cry “gawd's in the mix” by used by them to torpedo us. He never once even came close to repudiating “gawd's in the mix”. What he did was ever so quietly send a letter to be read at a breakfast meeting of the SF stonewall democrats saying Prop 8 was 'unnecessary – not wrong, just unnecessary’.

During the primaries, directed by his cult outreach director Joshua Dubois, an ordained pentecostal bigot, Obama relied on the support of bigoted christer vermin like Donnie McClurkin and MaryMary at his revival style tent meetings. He absolutely refused to repudiate McClurkins rabid homohating but he did go to a christer church and ask for tolerance. We don't really need tolerance. What we really do need is equality.

After winning the primaries he excised all references to GLBT equality from the Democrat platform but gave us a little one sentence mention in his acceptance speech.

At the inaugural Obama allowed a gay bishop to speak on a side platform before the main event but made sure that it wasn’t on TV. Then he invited that pig-bigot Warren to speak before billions at the main show as a reward for Warren giving him an entry with teh heavy infantry of bigotry - the southern baptists, mormons and catholics.

Then Obama set up his ordained bigoted cult outreach director Joshua Dubois to run the ‘faith based’ charity bribery effort to trade dollars for votes. And he appointed White House ‘prayer writers’ to supplement his speech writers (no, no it’s the truth, you couldn’t make up stuff like that)’ and his own inner circle of spirit(ual) advisors. When they gather round the Ouija board I’ll bet it always spells out “b a s h f a g s”. Then he declined to fight DADT, saying Congress should take the bullet instead. Then his DoJ used vile bigoted language to defend Clinton’s DOMA. Then he said he was a ‘fierce defender’ or our communities.

Do you all detect a little pattern here? Obama is consistently two faced and consistently bigoted.

With fierce defenders like that who needs fierce enemies.