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GMHC's House of Latex Ball Burns Down NYC's Roseland Ballroom. Again.

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On Saturday, I attended GMHC's 19th annual House of Latex Ball.

It. Was. Fabulous.

The thousands of house-ball devotees filled New York City's Roseland Ballroom, but I was amazed at how well-behaved this fiercely beautiful crowd was. (This ball was not at all the sleazathon that is The Black Party annually occupying this same venue.) I didn't see any drug use. There was very little drinking and I was never once bruised or bloodied by anyone in the crowd. The men's room was used solely for that purpose for which it had been designed.

More, and fabulous photos (half of which are by the husband) and videos after the jump.

I got the impression that when the members of the 24 houses in attendance speak out against HIV in their communities, they seriously mean what they say. In other words, they did not simply pepper the event with some trotted out public service announcements. I get the impression that the "house mothers" are concerned and protective of their clans, especially the youngest among them who could certainly join worse gangs than these.

Frankly, these houses are doing more to protect and educate and raise healthy urban LGBTQ youth than are the shameful churches of America.

Don't miss the footage of Luna Legacy whom I am attempting to recruit for Bilerico-NYC. For more about Luna and GMHC's involvement, check out Myballroomlife.

(If the following link to the photos is faulty, go here for the complete set.)

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Whew. I first thought the house band was Great White.

Please explain to this newbie what the "house and ball" community is. The Myballroomlife link is very interesting but it doesn't answer that question.

Dear Birdie,
OMG, are you in for a fabulous ride! I'm predicting that within one week. You'll be vogueing, throwing shade,and screaming to your husband and son "Work it, bitch! Walk for me! Get her! Xtravaganaaaaanza! and "Tens across the board!"

This 20 yr old article will define "Vogueing" for you:

You will need to rent and watch the 1990 "Paris is Burning"


Then you must form your own house:

I think it should be called "The Birdhouse of Paradise".

Talk about timing. I got my beginner's education just in time to catch Vogue Evolution on TV last night. Entirely by chance I happened to catch their act on a dance show as my son was channel surfing. Wow.