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My Summer Break: A Star-Studded GLAAD Party

Filed By Father Tony | August 27, 2009 10:30 AM | comments

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I. Am. Exhausted. Between working as an "extra" from dusk till dawn in the movie called "Bear City" being shot this week in NYC, and covering the red carpet at "GLAAD Manhattan" which was held at 230FIFTH, the absolute most chic rooftop watering hole in the city, I have had no time to focus on my columnular responsibilities, so you will have to make do with this dazzling array of celebrity shimmer including Lisa Lampanelli who called me a big Mo, and Jack MacKenroth still wet from the gym, and Countess LuAnn de Lesseps of the Real Housewives of New York City who called me darling, and the gorgeous Amanda Lepore who is so totally hot that I would do her anytime anywhere (with Cazwell whom I would also do at the drop of a hat) and the entiire gay cast of One Life to Live, and Cole Escola and Jeffrey Self of Jeffrey & Cole Casserole, and Patrick McDonald whom I adore, and the sexy DeMarco Majors and many many more.

Representing Bilerico is hard work, but someone has to do it.

I was assisted by Mike Ponsades who has signed on to be a contributor with Bilerico-New York.

Photos and video after the break, and more to come in the near future.

When GLAAD throws a party....

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You always get to do the coool Bilerico stuff.

*flounces off in a huff*

Honey, you do know how to dress. You look mighty fine and right at home with all those glitterati.

"A big mo?" I don't see it. Definitely mo, but big? I would say that "exquisitely formed, beautiful, right sized, yet petite little Mo" is more appropriate, eh?

Clearly, this tres chic event was not only "star-studded" but also "stud-starred" ...

... (and how much did you have to bribe ... er, donate ... to GLAAD-NYC to get onto the invite list? I'm not hatin' you for it, Father Big 'Mo, just wondering ...)

Dear A.J. Loop,
GLAAD graciously and frequently invites Bilerico to events, as does the Task Force and similar groups. We are also frequently given the opportunity to review books and movies. I have yet to be offered a trip to a Caribbean nation in winter and access to its most beautiful men, but I am quite certain it will happen.

So the truth comes out! --- It was they who bribed you!

I'm afraid that your journalistic objectivity just flew out the window, Father Tony, maybe onto a ledge overlooking Park Avenue.

(And if there's any question left about whether you really are a "Big Mo in The City" then I'd say you just answered it ...)

Dear A.J.,
An invitation is hardly a bribe. I stand on the red carpet next to all the major media outlets - gay and straight. If the NY Times covers the evening, is it a bribe?

I was joking. On the other hand, you do need to ask yourself a question: If GLAAD did something that needed to be criticized or challenged, would the offering of such invitations influence your judgment? Every journalist has to deal with such questions --- not just you.

I have major problems with the way GLAAD solicits donations and then spends the money --- but I have already complained to them directly, and I won't go into the details here.