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What a week! First, Jerame and I went to Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh, then we ran off to New York City, and now we're in Washington DC. 23971647.jpgOut of all of this, only the Netroots trip was planned. Father Tony was a very gracious host in NYC and gave us a whirlwind tour of Central Park, Broadway and Times Square and I also got to see contributor Eric Leven and friend Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God. (Leave it to Tony to have us pulled into the leather/bear bar within 2.5 hours of arriving in the city!)

I'll have more details on what I've been up to later, but wanted to mention that we met with the team redesigning the site. They had a question for Projectors that I promised to ask. Be sure to answer since we're close to completion and need to get this wrapped up so we can launch the new look and style:

"What changes would you make to the design/look of Bilerico Project? How can it be made better?"

We'll be back home in Indianapolis Wednesday afternoon. I'm looking forward to seeing my doggies and my own bed again and spending more time on the site. I'm exhausted, but this unexpected side trip has been a ton of fun. I'll tell you about it when I get back.

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Small complaint: I'm a little confused sometimes about whether I'm logged in or not. The only way to log in, it seems like, is to find a post and scroll to the bottom, and even from there there are a few more steps. Although I have an account, I most often just post without logging in because it's simpler than using the current login system.

Larger complaint: If you're not logged in, and you enter the CAPTCHA wrong, the posting script freaks out. It loads a "you have entered the wrong CAPTCHA" screen. Then the instant that screen is finished loading, it clears the entire screen and suddenly brings up a Movable Type login panel. If you are not careful you can lose your entered text. I get this on both Safari and Firefox.

One thing I like about other sites that I don't see here is the ability to recommend articles and comments I like. Different examples of recommendation systems are Daily Kos ( and Blue Indiana (

It doesn't necessarily need to mean that particular articles or comments are highlighted on the site, though it can. The recommendation system allows me to voice my agreement or disagreement when I don't necessarily have anything significant to add to the discussion.

Not make or break or anything. I'd keep coming to the site if it stayed exactly as it is. ;)

I'll say only that Jerame and Bil were the perfect house guests and that they are both very good in bed.