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Summer Fashions for City Guys and Gals

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In case you were wondering what they're wearing in New York City in the heat of the summer, I kept the camera in hand this weekend.

summer hats 2009.jpg

As everyone already knows, this is the year of the jaunty and lightly woven fedora, and its sister, the pork pie panama. Both men and women are wearing them, and the idea is to personalize them with a slash of color or a small feather, or by twisting the brow up or down. The basic look is easy-suave Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley.

For photos of the latest and sexiest urban footware, hats, bags, tops, hair and more...

feathered fedora.JPG

Wearing this hat necessitates a smile. Without the smile, the hat struggles.
in need of a smile.JPG

Here is the other popular hat that is giving the fedora some much needed competition. Choose it in beige.

the other hat.JPG

Some guys are adding shaggy hair and beards that seem to be a protest of the buzz cut/shaved head look of recent seasons.

shag fedora and mess bag.JPG

The messenger bag is still on every guy's shoulder.


Speaking of bags, ladies, what on earth are you all carrying in those huge studded leather bags. They make you look like camels. Seriously, what's in there?

giant studded bag.JPG

Colors are what you'd expect. Hazy sherbets. Here are two folks from different generations who have chosen the exact same palate.
cut from the same cloth.jpg

Footwear is light hearted and fun this summer with the simple canvas sneaker being the most popular choice for urban prowling. You can go with watermelon, Pink Floyd or just popped-up pink.

watermelon sneakers.JPG

pink floyd sneakers.JPG

popped pink sneakers.JPG

The look of the moment for young guys is definitely the black vest (extricated from a thrift shop suit?) over the white tee shirt topped with dark Wayfarers. Mucho caliente, but don't try it if you are over 40. Seriously.

vest over Tee.JPG

In some cases, an "A" might be given for effort.


But what style could be sexier than that of two Mormon boys crossing a New York City street? Don't you just want to lick their...nameplates?

mormon boys.jpg

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Interesting, my dear Fr Tony..
I've been doing felt fedoras for some years, and broad brimmed straw hats in the summer, as being Irish, I burst into flame when exposed to direct sunlight. My wife, who would not be caught amongst the dead in any kind of chapeau, nonetheless likes how they look on me.

I've made a halfhearted sojourn into the world of pastels, requiring medication for anxiety as I depart the familiar realm of grays and black...

Don't any New Yorkers wear a nice, traditional straw Panama fedora? Great fashion feature here, Fr. Tony.

Angela Brightfeather | August 13, 2009 12:12 PM

Fr. Tony,

I have always said that being born at the very end of WWII puts me in the majority or Baby Boomer era, and if I like Led Zeppelin, then your going to hear it untill the day I die. Because a lot of people born after me in that majority usually like the same things I do, human nature being as it is.

The hat is another example of my being on the cutting edge of every "fad".

I have always worn hats of one kind or another in my life and in both genders. My love of hats stems from being mostly Irish & British, plus the fact that many kinds of hats suit me.

In the Army I wore a Drill Sargeant hat.
When I go fishing I always wear a variety of hats ranging from the classic Irish field hat, to a pressed straw, open weave Western hat.
I have at least ten, classic wonen's hats that I love to wear, especially the wide brimmed sun hats and open weave brimmed hats when playing golf. I love to browse antique shops for nice hats and those with a bit of netting and 40's style aways get my close scrutiny and a try on.

I love hats!!! So I was overjoyed to read your post and find out that once again, I am back in style. Which only means that fashion persistence pays of and when your 63 as I am, you have seen many such fads come and go.

But a word of advise to those who want to catch up with this craze. Buy quality hats that are going to last. Hats make great gifts for those people who have everything, because they are so expressive and personalized.

These days, I buy most of my hats from Orvis Company, which has a fine collection of great outdoor hats and Panama's at reasonable prices. But you must know your hat size accurately. Sizes can swing a bit each way, if you buy a hat that has an inner band, by placing a bit of folded cheese cloth behind the band.

I think one of the finest hat companies is Stetson.

Thanks for the update and pictures.

And, Angela, there is the Borsalino company. I have a broad brimmed Borsalino that can be folded and stuffed in a suitcase but will still return to its shape, and the company will reblock it for free should it ever require that treatment, but it never will. I wear it when I paint.

Speaking of bags, ladies, what on earth are you all carrying in those huge studded leather bags. They make you look like camels. Seriously, what's in there?

Tony, I've always assumed that those bags are bought with a complete mountain-climbing kit inside them, including provisions for two weeks and a tent that will sleep ten.

P.S. I'm not attacking you, Father Tony (I would never do that! I mean ... not verbally! ...), but I would like to gingerly point out that your advice on colors is very Caucasian-centric. Especially for the hats, certain black guys can don yellows, purples, and even oranges if they know what they're doing. And I'm not talking pastels: the brighter and deeper, the better. (And the guys who really know what they're doing match their Fedoras with their boxers, the tops of which ... well, I'll shut up since you're not brain-dead ...

P.P.S. Thanks for the age-related warning on the white T and vest --- one less way for me to make a total ass out of myself.

P.P.P.S. Whether appropriate for my age or not, I've got to get myself a pair of those Pink Floyd tennies! I want to be buried (or maybe cryogenically frozen) in them!

Dear AJ,
Regarding color choices, you will note that I did at least advocate for the "slash of color" to personalize the fedora. Regarding the slouch front cap that is competing with it, most of the men of color (and they are in the vanguard of this style) I've seen are doing it in beige or black or white! It is true that they can and often do handle strong color well. Even I can do a very bold bleu de travail and a highly saturated aqua. My strawberry blonde blue-eyed husband can do justice to strong yellows, oranges and olives.
I think my next post will be on nail polish for men - now those are colors!

Bear claws to die for! ... Father Tony, I can't wait! ...