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The Bilerico Rainbow Tour of the East Coast

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The past week has been chock full of fun and new experiences! It began with Jerame and I going to Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh. While we were there we met Kip Williams, the Director of Equality Across America, and I signed on to support the National Equality March.

photo-1.jpgSince I'm one of the "In for a penny, in for a pound" types, I volunteered to introduce Kip to some people he should meet to help gain momentum for the campaign. Jerame, Kip and I ran off to New York City for less than 24 hours and then dashed down to Washington DC for a couple of days. It was a great working trip full of meetings. I think we got quite a bit accomplished while still having fun along the way.

I love the picture on the right that Father Tony took of Kip, Jerame and I at Strawberry Fields in Central Park. I realize technically it's upside down, but I like the symbolism that with hard work and imagination you can turn the world upside down.

I'm still exhausted but I did manage to finally grab some sleep last night once I was home in my own bed with a doggie cuddled up with me. It's good to be home.

I wanted to share one snapshot from each leg of our whirlwind tour and a surprise we got when our plane landed back in Indy There's four full-size pictures after the jump plus a full slideshow of all my photos at the end.


Stonewall Democrats' Director of Communications and Online Organizing, Jenna Lowenstein, and Bilerico-DC managing editor Michael Crawford at Netroots Nation's LGBT Blogger Initiative


Kip Williams, Father Tony, and Jerame Davis in Central Park


Jerame Davis, Bil Browning and Kip Williams in the White House Blue Room


Like a metaphor for my opinion on the march, our flight back home was a little bumpy, but there was a rainbow at the end.

Full Slideshow

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Ah, the Carnegie Deli. Friend of cardiologists everywhere.

Thanks for the share. Glad you signed on. The more the better it will be. Just read Waymons blog about Bond in too.

Maine? Where's Maine? What's happening in Maine?

Hey, fuggetaboutit, we're throwing a party in D.C. (or a hissy-fit for the Prez, depending on who's talking).

Why does it have to be an either/or proposition, Tristram? Why can't we do both?

Personally, I've given the March $50, but I gave Maine $100 since I put a high priority there. With the generous donor offering to double all donations through the end of the day today, that means Maine got $200 because of my donation. Plus, I posted about the fundraising goal and we've set up an Act Blue page just for Maine.

So telling me repeatedly that I'm not supporting Maine by supporting Equality Across America seems a little disingenuous to me. It's not that I don't understand what your concerns are - that people will forget about Maine - I just think we can do both if we're conscience of the need to keep both in the public eye.

Let's take it from a negative ("The march will hurt Maine") and turn it positive ("We have to support both so we maximize the possibilities.")

Hey tristram - there is an assault on LGBT citizenship going on in Maine. That's why I gave them $100 more dollars (plus there is a matching grant going on through Friday - don't miss it).

I'm giving to Maine and I'm going to DC and I'm hoping to have both a hissy fit and a party because I'm pissed and I'm excited at the same time that momentum has finally begun.

Patrick - it's great that you gave to the Maine effort (as did I, a week's take-home which really cuts into my party budget).

But all the buzz I'm seeing on the lgbt websites is about D.C. - very little push for Maine. I believe that if queers donated an amount to the Maine effort equal to 10% of what they're going to spend getting to and partying in D.C., Question 1 would go down in flames. But we know that's not going to happen. The pro-1 groups are out-funding us 3 to 1 in Maine and there's no reason to think that's going to change because the lgbt world is focused entirely on D.C. or CA 2010/2012. So you will have your party and you'll have your hissy fit, but Maggie Gallagher will have the momentum.

I wish money could be the only matter that would make a difference, but its not. We could try to "one up" each other to see who is more sincere and more right and more determined and a better gay or a better person...I have no doubt you would win, tristram.

I will send you $5 toward your martyr party budget if you give me your doesn't sound like you need any help with throwing a hissy fit. You are allowed, and I am not.