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Caption This: Whaddaya mean we're wearing funny hats?

Filed By Bil Browning | August 12, 2009 11:00 AM | comments

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What's your best caption for this photo, Projectors? I really struggled to come up with something even though the pic is hilarious. Let's see what y'all come up with instead of my lame-o caption.


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Hey, I thought we were singing in the "Mikado"...

(inspired by opening male chorus of said Gilbert and Sullivan light opera:

If you want to know who we are,
We are gentlemen of Japan:
On many a vase and jar —
On many a screen and fan,*
We figure in lively paint:
Our attitude's queer and quaint —
You're wrong if you think it ain't, Oh!

*traditional stage biz: male chorus snap open fans in unison

What you see there is something along the lines of what would have happened had the South seceded without war.

It's pretty tragic. Indian Army units were split, with the Muslims going to Pakistan, the Hindus remaining in India.

Both groups shared the same centuries-old Regimental tradition, the same Battle Honours. They were comrades-in-arms, veterans of WW II who had fought and died together.

So now you have an Indian 14th Rajput Rifles, and a Pakistani one too.

There have been several wars between India and Pakistan. I think it was the Deccan Light Horse units that clashed against each other, tank vs tank, both fighting "for the honour of the Regiment", and all but wiping each other out in mutual annihilation, both sides showing courage and tenacity that would be a credit to any armed force in the world.

What you see in this picture is the ceremonial "closing of the gates" that takes place every day on the border. Where each side ceremonially expresses utter hatred for their opposite numbers. The officers come out, lean forward and give one quick handshake at the maximum distance possible without falling over, then the troops, dressed immaculately in the Regimental Formal Dress, GLARE at each other as they SLAM the gates shut in stylised and ritualised hostility.

It shows the finest of military tradition - and illustrates just how FARNARCKLING FUTILE it can be, a waste of courage, and comradeship, and the best and brightest parts of the human spirit.

It makes me want to weep.

Perhaps in a century, the actual hostility will erode, leaving only this Regimental competition, as strictly choreographed as ballet. I hope so. Meanwhile they both have nuclear weapons.

That's interesting, and so funny how easily grown-ups act like children...

Anyway, my caption was going to have the Indian guys (the ones in brown) saying "Oh shit, we wore the wrong color!"

Look .... Bitch... I know you didn't just say that.

Angela Brightfeather | August 12, 2009 4:30 PM

"Of course we are not going pheasant hunting you idiots. Why do you think we are wearing our peacock hunting hats you fools!"

"No, we do not care to join you up in your room to 'kick back and get comfy' and watch a few re-runs of 'Will & Grace' ..."

tobyhannabill | August 13, 2009 3:33 AM

Church Fans?

Yes! Toby, I think you figured it out! ... and the sides away from the camera have ads for the local funeral home ...