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What Color are Those Toes?

Filed By Father Tony | August 17, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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OK. It has come to my attention that at least two (men!) of you have interesting colors painted on your toenails. (Long have I felt that the time has come for men - cis-men, to be specific - to start painting their nails. Why should women and trans folks have all the fun?)

I'm going to do a post about the colors of the toenails of Bilerico commenters and contributors - men, women and trans - that will require your sending me a snap shot of your toe or finger nails in all their chromatic splendor. Or, if you don't paint 'em, tell me your thinking behind the abstinence. We all know that the Projectors are a colorful lot. Let's unfurl that resplendent ungual rainbow.

PS: I am also going to be including some reference to the fact that straight men sometimes color their toe nails - albeit at the instigation of their brush wielding girl friends.
If we can't be creative with our toe nails, how can we be expected to save America?

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my toes are always painted, most often the opi color of Bogota blackberry,as are my fingers.
I remember when guys often painted their toes but i guess that was back in the early 70's, hippie folk. I am a mtf trans person, tho at times idon't get offended by being assumed to be male by children, who have often mention that fact, and my reply is that whoever can paint their nails if and when they want.
my idea has never been rejected by the kids.

Oh for fucks sake, Father!

"Why should women and trans folks have all the fun?"

Since when are trans folk *other* than men or women?


battybattybats battybattybats | August 18, 2009 5:44 AM

Some bi-gender/genderqueer trans folk identify as both men and women, and I've heard of some identifying as neither.

I know one such individual who identifies as neither male nor female. Take care in finding offense where none was intended; educate rather than lambaste.

battybattybats battybattybats | August 18, 2009 11:25 AM

True but its important for us all to understand that for many trans women and trans men they all too often get 'othered' as a way of delegitimising their valid claim to being men or women.

So its understandable many are very sensitive to that possibility. But the existence of non-binary folk as well as those strongly-binary is a reality we must all accomodate.

Unhealed wounds cause reflexive reactions. It's natural. It's just as natural on both sides. We all need to try to acknowledge and understand that to make progress and help heal those wounds.

As for painted toenails... I havent painted them in a while as I've been far too busy, but they have some worn black polish still on them. My long nails however are a nice blood red.

The limitation though is that you cannot use "trans" folk to describe a third category without stepping on the toes of those who do adhere to the binary.

Indeed, if one is going to accept trans, then one *must* accept that there are those within the binary as well as those without.

Either way, he screwed up.

battybattybats battybattybats | August 19, 2009 10:48 PM

So then how should one refer to those with a third or fourth or fifth gender catagory collectively then?

Because to just say men or women would be dissmissing or ignoring or excluding all the non-binary people.

I utterly do accept there are binary trans women and men whose claim to being women and men is absolute.

We have a situation where there are both binary and (diverse) non-binary trans folk none of whom can exclusively claim the trans term as trans means both across as well as beyond.

How then can we all be inclusive of all sex and/or gender variations in polite and elegant and uncumbersome and fair language?

By explicitly recognizing all those variations *any time* we speak, or recognizing that t the general public, there is no difference between me, you, and father Tony here, and use one word that describes *all* of us -- which might be interesting given the differences twixt that Tony and this Toni alone, lol)

I've been wearing my toenails painted for about four years now. My wife talked me into trying it one day when we were getting pedicures together. Not sure why she thought it would look good on me, but I have to give this to her - she was right about this one!
Since then, I have enjoyed trying many colors and tend to keep them more masculine looking with browns, blues, greens and grays.
I also have experienced a number of compliments from others who see them, so it just makes it all the more enjoyable.
If you have not tried this, you're really missing out!