September 13, 2009

Senator Lugar Responds

Filed by Betty Greene Salwak | September 13, 2009 | 11:00 PM | comments

A recent post by Jillian Weiss asked Projectors to contact Indiana Senator Richard Lugar about supporting ENDA legislation. She provided links and asked if he responded to let her know. In August, Dr. Weiss made it just as easy then...Read More

Kanye West Disses Taylor Swift and Shows What an Ass He Is

Filed by Michael Crawford | September 13, 2009 | 10:12 PM | comments

In a move worthy of Rep. Joe Wilson who shouted "You lie." during President Obama's address to Congress, Kanye West showed how little class he has by dissing Taylor Swift after she won a VMA for Best Female Video....Read More

Are We Ready? Arguments Against ENDA (Part II)

Filed by Dr. Jillian T. Weiss | September 13, 2009 | 7:00 PM | comments

ENDA is coming, and we must get ready for the coming onslaught of illogical arguments. Anything involving religion in politics, even peripherally, is sure to frighten some that the government is infringing their right to practice their religion. Fortunately, ENDA...Read More

Leaving Out Part of the Liebovitz Story

Filed by Terrance Heath | September 13, 2009 | 5:30 PM | comments

I don’t know if this BBC article is typical of all the coverage of Annie Leibovitz’s financial trouble, but it seems like some of the media is covering only part of the story. Ms Leibovitz’s most famous images include...Read More

The Religious Right is Swiftboating Same Sex Marriage in Maine

Filed by Karen Ocamb | September 13, 2009 | 4:00 PM | comments

"God has no grandchildren," the evangelical ex-Marine father of my late friend Chip Howe said, explaining how he surrendered judgment and came to accept Chip's homosexuality. Chip, a Lieutenant in the Navy during the Vietnam War, was supposed to get...Read More

Marriage Equality and Sept 11: The Connection You Might Have Missed

Filed by Gloria Nieto | September 13, 2009 | 2:30 PM | comments

Friday was a sad day in the annals of this country. Eight years ago we lost so many Americans which led to losing so many more Americans in a war started on lies, pomposity and subterfuge. I better be careful...Read More

Mi consejo a l@s homofóbic@s

Filed by Pedro Julio Serrano | September 13, 2009 | 1:00 PM | comments

Si no quiere que le digan homofóbic@, no lo sea. Así de sencillo. Muchas personas que se oponen a la igualdad de derechos para las personas lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transgéneros (LGBT) se ofenden si se les cataloga de homofóbic@s,...Read More

Lions and Tigers and... Nazis?

Filed by Sara Whitman | September 13, 2009 | 11:30 AM | comments

The first few times I heard the right wing call Obama a "Nazi," I ignored it. Thought it was random. After all these years, I should know not a single thing comes from the right that hasn't been vetted, considered...Read More

S/he is My Favorite Pandrogyne: Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Filed by Father Tony | September 13, 2009 | 10:00 AM | comments

Y ou know you're at the opening of the exhibit of a good English artist when you approach the open bar expecting the usual sawdust wine and instead are offered gin with the instruction "Say when"! I am glad to...Read More


The Captain and the Kid

Filed by Ed Team | September 13, 2009 | 7:30 AM | comments

"David [Furnish] and I have always talked about adoption, David always wanted to adopt a child and I always said 'no' because I am 62 and I think because of the travelling I do and the life I have, maybe...Read More

Bugs Bunny's penis

Filed by Bil Browning | September 13, 2009 | 7:00 AM | comments

You always knew there was something going on between Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny. Those toons are full of smut. With those two characters alone, there's cross-dressing, role play, and BDSM. Don't believe me? Watch Bugs show Elmer his...Read More