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24 hours left to double your money

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Bil wrote yesterday about a generous Bilerico reader will match up to $1000 total raised on Bilerico if at least 12 people donate to the Protect Maine Equality campaign before noon tomorrow. So far we have enough donors, but we're still $120 short of getting the full matching donation!

Shortly after Bil's post went up Jesse Connolly sent this urgent message:

There's good news and not-so-good news. The good news is that our terrific new campaign ad is on the air statewide.

The not-so-good? Our opponents shot their first TV ads last weekend and are planning a huge rally with national anti-equality spokespeople like Tony Perkins of Focus on the Family this weekend.

The clock is ticking. There are only 56 days until Election Day. This is the most critical stretch of the campaign. And we need your help to raise $41,446 by Friday to keep our ads running throughout the state.

Chip to in to keep Protect Maine Equality's ads on the air.

We've set a goal of raising $5,000 from the Bilerico communities to defend marriage equality in Maine. That's a small sum compared to the $700,000 that opponents of marriage equality will spend on television ads attacking gay and lesbian families just this month.

Your contribution will help keep ads like this one featuring 14 year old Sam Puttnam and his two moms on the air:

$250 runs the ad on prime time TV.

$100 runs the ad on the local news.

$35 runs the ad on cable.

The firm running the anti-marriage campaign in Maine is the same firm that ran Yes on Prop 8 which rip away marriage rights from thousands of couples in California. We know that are bringing their bag of lies and distortions from California to Maine to again try to take away basic rights from LGBT people.

With your help, we can win in Maine and for the first time ever win a fight at the ballot for marriage equality.

Donate now to Protect Maine Equality.

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This is historic and crucial. If you can't help out a lot, please help a LITTLE. I've given three times to Maine over the past two months, all in very small increments--but whatever I could afford.

When things are extremely tight, like they are for me, I find it hard to give at times. I certainly can't give to EVERY organization that wants it, but in an historic fight like this, I HAVE to find a way to pitch in. So I'm going to look for non-crucial areas in my life where I could make a temporary cut and not miss it in a month, but be able to really make a difference by sending that money to Maine.

If you like to eat out, pick one night you would have eaten out, and have something out of a box or out of the freezer instead. Then take whatever you would have spent eating out and donate it. You'll be a lot more pleased in the long run.

If you like to go to movies, pick a movie you're only ho-hum about going to see. Stay in and watch an old movie you REALLY love that you own instead. Then take what you would have spent at the theater and send it to Maine. You'll have a better night, and you'll be doing more good.

If you're an iTunes junkie, take a week or two to save up what you would have spent on iTunes and then send that to Maine. You'll keep their ad on the air longer, and help them combat prejudice.

If you're a runner and you're looking into new shoes, hold off a month. Send part of what the shoes would have cost to Maine and then use your next paycheck to get them.

If you're a fashionista shopaholic... well you see where I've been going with this.

Here's what I'M going to do this month, and I want you to join me. I'm not going out to any bars for the rest of the month. I should easily save $50. Pick your sacrifice and estimate how much you can save and send to Maine.

Be a part of history. We have the chance, FOR THE FIRST TIME, to actually DEFEND Marriage Equality at the polls. Maine will not be able to do it without your help, so please find ways to help now, and let's make this a real gift to ourselves and future generations!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 9, 2009 11:31 AM


You're not going to any bars for the rest of the month? This must be serious!

I hope that Projectors join you giving to Protect Maine Equality rather than going out this month. I would join you, but I don't go to bars.

There will likely be something on the Gilt site that I want to buy and I am willing to hold off on that and make another donation to protect marriage in Maine.

Do you realize how much I've spent at Gilt since you introduced us? I should send you a bill!

No couture for a month? See, WE'VE got our priorities straight!