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And they say men are obsessed with their penises...

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I'm ashamed I ended up on the same side of an argument as did Rush Limbaugh. I thought I was reasonable, but if he agrees with me, then obviously I was wrong:

It is President Obama who wants [to] mandate circumcision ... And that means, if we need to save our penises from anybody, it's Obama.

At least it's much more to the point than "Obama's going to take away our guns with reasonable gun control even though it's not in his platform" and "Obama's going to take away our big cars with cap-and-trade." I suppose the only way for the right wing to get more explicit about their deepest political motivations is to say that all men will be sodomized by Obama... oh, wait, already did that.

They have over three years of Obama presidency left, so now they're going to have to get creative.

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You know Limbaugh is the type of idiot who names his dick. "Well, Shirley, what should we do today?"

...why play with ourselves! *NARF* Its either that or plan to take over the world again. *NARF*

There's no better description of the Drug Addled Gasabg than that offered up by Bill Hicks, which can be found on his posthumous 'Rant in E-Minor' album. (Its not all that politically correct and could even be viewd as slightly homophobic; but, something tells me that if Hicks had lived beyond 1994 to see how disgusting the anti-LGBT industry has gotten, he'd be on our side.)

I wrote a piece recently about the CDC's insane recommendation that circumcision should be encouraged as a form of HIV prevention. I too would rather set my hair on fire than agree with Rush about anything, especially when it's for all the wrong reasons. The CDC never suggested that circumcision should be mandated by law.

Rush is just trying to protect the only friend he's ever had.

In 1989 the NIH released the results of a study done in Africa showing that uncircumcised men had a .5% to 4% higher incidence of HIV infection than men who were unsnipped. Researchers admitted that they could not prove cause and effect.

I received a lengthy comment from a reader in South Africa named Willie (yes, that's how he signed it), who pointed out that circumcision has always been a widespread practice among native Africans and that it was European-Africans who kept their manhoods intact. He said that according to his local newspaper, in one village near his home the HIV infection rate is 97%.

He said that young boys are flocking to clinics demanding the procedure because it will keep them from getting sick. In Africa, sick = AIDS. Cash-strapped medical facilities are being overwhelmed by the very policy Rush is having nightmares about.

I've posted Willie's comments in my follow-up article.

For those of you keeping score on Obama's record so far:

Repealing DOMA: FAIL
Repealing DADT: FAIL

I'll see you all in DC next month.