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Bilerico Radio: Fred Karger interview and ENDA roundtable

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I recorded another Bilerico Radio show today, an LGBT Weekend Update.

The first part is an interview with Californians Against Hate's Fred Karger, who was subpoenaed this week in retaliation for his activism against NOM. He got into the work he's doing to expose breaches in the separation of church and state and to get some of these church groups investigated. We also talked about those on the right who want to keep donors' names secret - it's about more than sternly-worded postcards. And Fred would know - he was targeted for firing based on one of his political donations.

This is the third time I've talked with Fred for Bilerico, but the first on audio. He's always a pleasure to talk with because his focus stays on substance and getting results.

The second part is the roundtable. I talked ENDA with The Advocate's Kerry Eleveld, LawDork's Chris Geidner, Nan Hunter, and Jillian Weiss. It was intense - these are some of the smartest people following the ENDA debate on our side, and their observations on the role business will play in this process, how ENDA changed from 2007 to today (and not just gender identity protections), and the religious exemption. If you have even a passing interest in the law that will eventually be the first piece of LGBT civil rights legislation, it's worth listening to this discussion. [Update: Part II is working now.]

LGBT Weekend Update, Sept. 27, 2009 (Part I)

LGBT Weekend Update, Sept. 27, 2009 (Part II)

Links after the jump.

From Fred Karger, here are a few posts that we mentioned:

On being subpoenaed by the Yes campaign in California

Wherein Fred accuses NOM of money laundering in Maine (they're having a hearing this week on his complaint)

More about how his boycott against Doug Manchester is going

His site with his evidence of the LDS Church setting up a front group in Hawaii in the 90's

His blog that he mentioned

If you liked the roundtable, here are some useful links:

Austen Crowder's thorough summary of the hearing

The House Committee on Education and Labor's YouTube channel, which has video from the hearings

The Williams Institute study on LGBT discrimination everyone kept referring to

Jillian Weiss's call to action after the hearing

Nan Hunter's thoughts on the hearing

Kerry Eleveld's article on the ENDA hearing

Chris Geidner's blog

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