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Godwin's Law Fail

Filed By Alex Blaze | September 08, 2009 11:00 AM | comments

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This ad was made to run in Germany:

There really isn't anything creative about this ad, as shocking as its creators think they are. Showing sexy, firm bodies having sex to get attention, directing an ad message to straight people, and comparing everything bad to Hitler aren't exactly new ideas.

And the message seems, to me, to be more that people with HIV are Hitler, not that the disease itself is. America already tried declaring everyone with HIV worthless and subhuman, and it did nothing to stem the epidemic. We also declared it a moral failure to get the virus, so I don't think that just saying the virus is bad without a more specific message will do much either.

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Yep, this was just way off base and offensive. Bad idea all around I hope that their funders think about that next time they want money.

There is absolutely no reason to even HAVE ANY HIV/AIDS campaign and leave out prevention via safe-sex and getting tested regularly. Anything else is just wast of time. How could you warp THAT message around the image of Hitler? Uh, I doubt you can. Dump the campaign, its doing WAY more harm than good (if any!)

Demonizing is nothing new. I think it is distasteful and ineffective.