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Harry Jackson's latest Blacks vs gays talking points

Filed By Michael Crawford | September 21, 2009 3:18 PM | comments

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Anti-equality activist Bishop Harry Jackson is at it again. A featured speaker at the Value Voter Summit over the weekend, Jackson called on his fellow right-wingers to tone down their overtly racist attacks against President Obama because it made it harder for him to stir up racial division in his quest to ban marriage equality in the District.

From Right Wing Watch:

While asking summit participants to be less offensive, Jackson's Saturday afternoon speech may have actually reached some new personal lows of offensive rhetoric. Let's review:

  1. Gays and liberal Christians are enemies of God who deserve to be struck down. Jackson cited verses from Psalm 68 saying "let God arise, let his enemies be scattered....let the wicked perish at the presence of God." He described God striking dead a person who wasn't following instructions about how the Ark of the Covenant should be moved. Who are the wicked? Gays, certainly, but also "folk who are Christians in name only" but are just asking to be struck dead by God for not following His ways.
  2. Jackson said repeatedly of people who don't support his agenda that "there are people in our culture who are easily led." Do you remember the outcry from the Religious Right when the Washington Post said the same thing about them? But nobody batted an eye when Jackson suggested that African Americans who don't support him are "in an ideological plantation" and "easily led" to believe the worst "character assassination" about white conservative evangelicals. That's why, he said, right-wing activists need to tone down their attacks on Obama. In the fight to keep same-sex couples from getting married, he said, he "can't win if my own black brothers see me as a traitor."
  3. Jackson utterly ignored the existence of African American LGBT people and their leadership in the pro-equality movement in the District of Columbia. He portrayed the battle over marriage equality in DC as a battle pitting rich gay lawyers against black clergy and poor single mothers. Jackson's litany was a perfect example of the race- and class-baiting he is using to rouse opposition to marriage equality in the District. "Many of our gay people," he said, are professionals, disproportionately educated, make a lot of money, are living in DC's fancy new condos. Jackson said a "K Street lawyer who decides to come out and call himself gay" cannot understand the plight of a single mother in Washington, DC raising two kids without a father.

Most residents of DC are hip to Jackson's game of playing the race card to advance his anti-gay agenda and aren't falling for his latest Blacks vs gays talking points.

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