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Hi, my name is Harman & I'm here to beat and rob you

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Over the past month or so, I've been getting tons of friend requests on Facebook from Middle Eastern, Asian and African gay guys. I've had requests from Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Thailand, South Africa, and Egypt. Most of them are also friends with other people I'm connected to on the site.

Each one wants to chat right away. And they usually start with "I just sent you an e-mail..." Here's the e-mail the last guy - under the name Harman Hoob without a picture of himself as an icon - sent me. It's the same e-mail I've been sent by several of these "friends."

I am sumon 35yrs old man.
I studded in the social science.
You are looking so beautiful and gorgeous.
You are most beautiful man in the world.
Would you like to be a friend with me?
Please give me your messenger no.

CHAT ME AT [redacted]


While I'd like to think I'm the "most beautiful man in the world," I'm sure quite a few others would quibble. I've fended off a boatload of these guys who've all begged me to visit them in their country and either screw them silly or bring them home with me as a sponsor for citizenship.

So when I stumbled across Queerty's article, "That Hot Guy in Ghana You Think Wants to Sleep With You ... Wants to Rob You," it instantly caught my attention. At various points in time, good old Harman has friended me under about a half dozen names. He's been located in Iraq, South Africa and... Ghana.

The Queerty post links and quotes from Easy Track Ghana's website full of tips and warnings for LGBT foreigners considering a vacation in the African nation.

At many Internet cafes there will be 3 or 4 African boys working together, each having multiple chats with foreigners. This is the reason the chat and profiles all sound so similar. Some people are illiterate and hire typists who move from computer to computer answering chat messages. They work together to help each other formulate responses to questions in chats and email. They cut-and-paste sweet love.

Any person who comes at you with instant love is a faker or a scammer. The instant love they feel for you is love for the opportunity that you present and the money you have. The scams sound sincere, but all involve you sending money. Even if you are a poor person in your country, you are a very rich person by comparison to most of your African chat buddies. This disparity in wealth profoundly affects any relationship you develop.

Many of the photos in posted profiles are not true. Guys pass around flash drives full of sexy photos to use for online. Look at the background carefully. Look at the clothing, furnishings or electric outlets. There are many clues, so if your online friend is too beautiful, look carefully. Is he a model copied from some online magazine? How long has the profile existed? Profiles with a long history are generally people who have nothing to hide.

Even more shocking though, there are some Internet cafes that are *completely* devoted to this type of activity. It is truly a business, with finders fees paid for arranging a meeting with a foreigner, and 11 and 12 year old year-old boys watching pornography en masse and learning how to chat 'gay'. On the Internet, anybody can be anything, so you really do not know who you are chatting with.

Older Western gay men are regarded as being rich and generous and desperate for needing love, so this has become a booming business.

So let this be a warning to all the other "beautiful and gorgeous" Projectors. That hot little guy who thinks you're the bee's knees and wants you to rescue him with your big white man power stick, has his own reasons for falling in love with you before you've even exchanged a word.

It's not because you're sexy, although I'm sure you are. It's not because he desperately needs you to screw him to make his life complete, although I'm confident you'd rock any guy's world.

He wants your money.

Now excuse me while I answer an urgent e-mail from former Nigerian royalty who needs me to give him my bank account information so I can hide a bazillion dollars for him. After all, this guy seems totally legit; he's royalty, right?

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Ugh, why do you warn them? These sick slobs just go to foreign countries expecting to use their first world advantages to coerce sex from the poorer natives. Good that they get robbed and beaten.

If they want love, they might want to look for men their own age and relax their standards for financially vulnerable, modelesque youth.

If they want love, they might want to look for men their own age and relax their standards for financially vulnerable, modelesque youth.

HA! Good luck getting them to do that.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 10, 2009 9:34 AM

"The Natives?" What decade is this? Yet more ageism? It does make me wonder how the half dozen Gay Thai men I know socially find time after their jobs as bank managers, sales managers, and as managers of everything from Starbucks to Hard Rock Cafe still send emails for sex. Of course these people do not, and to stereotype the misfortune of those who do, is on the cruel and shallow side. There are a lot of people in the world who have none of your advantages of wealth, health and (self described) magnetic beauty.

Compared to similar hetero activity this is a drop in the bucket. Before my computer arrived I checked emails in internet cafes in Thailand and in came the local girls all in a cluster to do the same thing Bil describes (minus the videos). It is a natural extension of the internet unfortunately.

What surprise is it that while these "johns" are using the victim their victim is using them? And who are we to make moral judgments? If two people desire to use one another for human toilets, for the exchange of money, they are certainly not unlike what you would find in a vast number of American cities. I would add that sexual activity with anyone as young as Bil mentions (in fact the age is 18 here) is both highly illegal and increasingly stringently enforced as it should be.

Because blame the victim mentality is so healthy!

Bil Erico

Hello. I am very lonely youth in Illinois. I never make sex with men before. Illinois is very conservative, scary country. Most government officials end up in jail. I am raised so much conservative. I need rich blogger to make wallet love on. Please send me $9000 and I can travel to your country for the sex. I promise to follow through. Just please send money, and many sex is in our future.

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Ps. Sex.

Ah, hell, this ain't nuthin, Bil.

Seriously, THis is almost, well, kinda silly.

Try being a blonde, buxom transsexual woman anywhere in the US.

That is, *here*. At home.

Same thing happens, and you don't even have to leave your own city.

Wait, blonde buxom transsexual women want to rob and beat me too? I should be keeping an eye on all the trans friends on Facebook too?



Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 10, 2009 8:50 AM

Beatings you say?

Well, that too, lol.

You know how it is, Bil -- one little slip of the tongue and suddenly its a blood bath, lol.

But yeah -- do watch the one's on FB -- especially those blonde ones from deserts, lol

I'm not going to make the "slip of the tongue joke," D. I'm just not.

I've learned about those blonde desert-dwelling transwomen on Facebook already. They don't send me e-mails telling me I'm sexy though - just e-mails about ENDA. *grins*

oh my. Just gonna have to fix a problem there.

Ad I was sooo hoping you'd take it, lol

All of it.


Ok Ok but if I get one written in Irish or Scots Gaelic I'm going to have to take a trip.

You KNOW it's a scam because he didn't say "Me love you long time!".

this "Illinois" you speak of is a terrifying place. no wonder you wish to get out, phil

They only educate those that get on special clout lists by paying off government officials. Our government leaders sell elected positions.