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Labor Day open thread

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It's Labor Day here in the states - a holiday meant to support and honor the worker. We're taking the day off here at TBP and the state sites, so comments may not be approved right away. (Want to avoid that? Sign up for an account and your comments will automatically post directly to the page!) frombloggertoinfluencer.jpgWe've got some good stuff lined up all day though, so you'll never even know we've stepped out.

Speaking of good stuff lined up, do you know how hard it is to find something to talk about every day? So while we're off enjoying the last holiday of summer, I've got work for you!

I'm constantly adding new blogs to my collection of sites to stop by and peruse. After a while, you get in a rut though and find yourself checking out the same sites over and over. Help me out. Leave me a link to your favorite queer/progressive site - or your own! - that I should be reading regularly to find more items to share with Projectors. Don't give me the standard sites we all know and visit - Pam, Joe and Andy are all in the RSS reader already. Give me the obscure, the under-read and the truly deserving, please.

Whatcha got?

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PS Since this is an 'open thread.' Did you read this piece on
Health Care reform? As a retired MD... I agree with EVERY WORD!

Some of my favorites that may be less well known to readers of Bilerico are:

"Alas, A Blog," which offers great commentary about queer stuff as well as other progressive issues (also includes cross-posts of most or all of what's posted to "the angry black woman", so it's a two-for-one) --

"Racialicious," which often includes amazing analysis of the intersection of sexuality, gender, and race --

"Questioning Transphobia," which consistently has some of the smartest gender analysis around, although it does run to inter-blog fighting more than "concrete" political issues --

it was founded in the spring of 2009 and is an excellent resource for information relevant to the blogs on this site.

I have also recently fallen in love with the blog

Absolutely fabulous content.

I think the correct URL for womanist musings is . doesn't exist.

Take a look at -
it's politics, culture & some facinating inter-generational conversations from long-time West Coast activist/author Jeanne Cordova

Take a look at:
It's a mix of smart & wise commentary on LGBT politics, culture & some great intergenerational conversation.... from long-time West Coast activist/author Jeanne Cordova

I like the more spiritual side of things, with a political twist. I like articles by Mark Morford both in the SF Chronicle ( and HuffPo ( Definitely a "Straight Man I Love!"

And now for something totally different, a site that offers opinion through art:

Go through some of the back pages. This guy is good.