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Lions and Tigers and... Nazis?

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The first few times I heard the right wing call Obama a "Nazi," I ignored it. Thought it was random. After all these years, I should know not a single thing comes from the right that hasn't been vetted, considered and framed.

obama-nazi.jpgNazi? I'm not sure I even understand how they got there or who they are trying to rally. I mean, the skinheads aren't going to go run and side with Obama as the supreme Nazi. I just saw a photo of Nancy Pelosi branded as a Nazi- pretty sure they aren't going to go rally behind her, either.

The Nazis were not communist- rather anti- communist. They called themselves socialists, but in truth, they were fascists. State controlled, dictatorship that allowed no critique of any kind of the government.

I didn't see anyone going to jail for screaming "lie!" the other night. Or marching in the streets, or writing articles, or telling seniors they will be subjected to death panels.

Again, the Nazi image rears it's ugly head. Why? I'm not sure who they are trying to rally. Extreme right folks tend to think the holocaust didn't happen. Or that having an extreme nationalism, eugenics and separation of races is a bad idea. They kinda like that stuff.

Is this an attempt for the right wing to reestablish itself with the soccer moms of America? People who do think the Nazi's were evil but also can't stand someone standing up and believing social justice is a good thing? That the embracing of the far far right has left them powerless and they are coming back to the mushy middle, dredging up fears, and selling their snake oil policies to them?

Long live the health care companies! As if that will help under and uninsured. But fight against the Nazis? Well, that's noble, isn't it?

Several people have said to me lately, we have to keep a keen eye out for what is going on. All this progress will certainly be followed by a backlash.

And the right does nothing without a careful plan.

Lions and Tigers and Nazis... time to ask the question why.

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Extreme right folks tend to think the holocaust didn't happen. Or that having an extreme nationalism, eugenics and separation of races is a bad idea.

Uh.. I kinda think that last bit about nationalism, eugenics and separation of races is a bad idea. Does that make me a nazi? Or did you perhaps leave out a "not" out of the sentence?

If we listen to the cries of the right, here is the composite image of the government that develops:

A black male Hawaian socialist, but really secretly born in Kenya, as the Nazi Chancellor of America, imposing his will upon the people with an agenda that every one is opposed to, despite being elected with precisely that agenda upon his platform by a landslide.

A Jewish Nazi Chief of Staff named after heroes of the Israeli was of independence

A Mormon Nazi socialist communist Senate Majority leder

A man-hating straight lesbian/dyke communist Nazi female Nazi Speaker of the House

A gay male Jewish Nazi communist banking chairman who single handedly masterminded the collapse of the world economy from his bunker in Provincetown to prepare for a governmental takeover of healthcare.

A deceased Senator from Massachusetts, a Marxist whose cold grip upon the throat of the nation continues from the grave through some kind of communistic-satanic power.

Oh, add to the list--"openly gay" chief of staff, since his wikipedia entry was altered briefly today....

While Godwin's Law says that anytime you have to invoke the Nazis, you've automatically run out of good-faith arguments, the right wingers have never had sound arguments.

I dunno, Bil... I think it's more thoughtful than that.

yes, I left out the NOT... sorry!

Let's see... The Nazis used a twisted of "Real Germans" to justify people being killed, were resentful and defensive towards other nations they felt emasculated them, blamed the left for every problem in their country because they said that labor unions and communists weren't sufficiently loyal to the homeland, hated immigrants, and privatized infrastructure. Oh, they also liked the whole war thing.

And yet Godwin's Law keeps a lot of people from making those comparisons. We had a president who invaded another country, tortured thousands (and over a hundred to death), and who silenced criticism of himself both with strong-arm tactics and by saying anyone who disagreed with him was insufficiently loyal to the homeland.

There's a definite difference in degree, of course, but if the left states the obvious then we're the ones who are fringe crazies.

I didn't realize that there was this right-wing demonstration organized by the "teabaggers" untilabout 4pm Saturday, when lots of them were milling around the subway stops and shops near the Dupont Circle area. The placards and t-shirts were actually scary. So much racism, so much personal hatred directed against Obama. A lot of them are also calling him "socialist", carrying pictures of Lenin and Stalin. I saw several young families, all in the same anti-Obama shirts. Some were obviously disgusted by the gay presence in the Dupont area, mentioning loudly while waiting in the line for coffee that their minister was right about all the rampant homosexuality in "out nation's capital". Everyone of the demonstrators looked driven. It was generally a much older crowd than you usually see here demonstrating in DC. Lots of them already looked medicare age, but were adamant that "government health care" is socialist. Many of the teabaggers were on buses from Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina. There were banners calling for more gun rights, that Obama wants your guns. I heard conversation praising Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. Some people wore shirts praising Glen Beck, and carrying signs to close the borders.

As far as I'm concerned this is racism plain and simple. And what's really scary is it's not just the "far right."