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Marriage is between one man and one woman, his mistress, and his other mistress

Filed By Michael Crawford | September 10, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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One of the great lies of the conservative "family values" crowd is they oppose marriage equality because they are protecting the so-called "sanctity of marriage." "Marriage is a union of one man and one woman," they scream and anything else is an affront to God that will destroy the institution of marriage, frighten children, and cause the down fall of Western civilization.

If they are so committed to their definition of marriage as a "union of one man and one woman" why are they so silent about the increasing number of stories like this one about Assemblyman Michael Duvall?

Now, of course, Duvall is saying this is all a "private matter" and asks that "everyone respect the privacy of all involved."

Sorry Charlie.

Duvall was vice chairman of the Utilities and Commerce Committee and cheating on his wife with young lobbyists who reportedly represent utility companies.

Duvall was an advocate of Prop 8 which stripped marriage rights away from same-sex couples in California and he received a perfect score of 100% from the Capitol Research Institute for voting to "protect and preserve family values in California." Yet, Duvall bragged about his extra-marital affairs to colleagues in graphic detail.

She wears little eye-patch underwear. So, the other day she came here with her underwear, Thursday. And? so, we had made love Wednesday--a lot! And so she'll, she's all, 'I am going ?up and down the stairs, and you're dripping out of me!' So messy!

I am not one to judge, but don't tell me my marrying another man is a violation of God's law when you're cheating on your wife with not one, but two women.

We've seen stories like Duvall's time and again where a "family values" conservative preaching fire and brimstone against anyone who didn't follow their arbitrary moral rules gets caught in a sexual scandal and is revealed as a hypocrite. And, we'll see it again.

Duvall has resigned his Assembly seat issuing the following milquetoast statement:

I am deeply saddened that my inappropriate comments have become a major distraction for my colleagues in the Assembly, who are working hard on the very serious problems facing our state. I have come to the conclusion that it would not be fair to my family, my constituents or to my friends on both sides of the aisle to remain in office. Therefore, I have decided to resign my office, effective immediately, so that the Assembly can get back to work.

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