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Rick Warren, Paul Kagame is no man of peace

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Editors' Note: Guest blogger Nakhone Keodara is the Campaign Coordinator of A Peaceful Legacy: Campaign to Remove Bombs from Laos, and sits on the Advocacy Committee of Legacies of War. He is a community organizer and founder of the Gays United Network and Editor-in-Chief of SoCal Voice based in Los Angeles.

Frat_Boy.jpgThree people, including myself, showed up Friday night to protest Rick Warren's Saddleback Civil Forum on Reconciliation at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest Friday night. The purpose of the civil forum was to honor Rwandan President Paul Kagame as a "Man of Peace." An odd distinction for a President responsible for the rape of millions of Congolese men, women and children in a military coup to plunder the vast natural resources of the Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R. Congo) and the countless lost lives of these same people in an ethnic cleansing conflict that Kagame is widely reported as having been the mastermind and commander-in-genocide.

Filmmaker, screenwriter, and human rights activist Alystar McKenneh and I were 30 minutes late to the protest. There were three to four police cars parked along the Saddleback Parkway and several of the police officers were in a motorized Segway scooter. It was a disappointing sight, to say the least, when we drove up to find that we were the only two people who showed up for the protest. The third protester name Ewanni, whose email I received later that night when I got home, apparently showed up at 6:20pm and then left prior to our arrival. Regardless, the protest did occur.

In the interest of full disclosure and for the sake of establishing record, I will post my email exchanges with Ewanni below:

from Ewanni
to Nakhone Keodara
date Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 7:20 PM
subject The protest at Saddleback Church?

Where were the protesters? I went there and didn't see one single protester there. I drove around the place and even through the church grounds.

from Nakhone Keodara
to Ewanni
date Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 11:47 PM
subject Re: The protest at Saddleback Church?

Hi Ewanni,

What time did you get there? I'm so sorry we were 30 minutes late due to traffic and we got there at 6:30pm. We were there for 3 hours until 9:30pm. We were at the Portola and Saddleback Pkwy entrance by the cops. Thank you so much for coming out and unfortunately it was only two of us there. We would have loved to have a third person there. Again, many apologies for being late.


from Ewanni
to Nakhone Keodara
date Sat, Sep 26, 2009 at 2:08 AM
subject Re: The protest at Saddleback Church?

That's okay. I saw the cops when I arrived. I think one of them was on a silly Segway scooter. It was about 6:20pm when I arrived. So when I saw no turnout, I was afraid the cops arrested them and took them all away! Either that or they somehow got into the church to make a display at a service, then protest outside after getting escorted out.



Back to the protest. Alystar and I stood outside for three hours from 6:30pm to 9:30pm bearing signs that read "Kagame is No Man of Peace," "Stop Rick W.'s Purpose Driven Globalization of LGBT Persecution," and "Christians Should Not Support a Dictator." In order to maximize the three signs, Alystar and I alternated in having one of us hold two signs throughout the night.

Our protest was peaceful. We had a lot of people slowing their cars down as they passed us to read the signs. For the most part, people seemed curiously interested in our messages. However, we had one African-American man yelled "Fuck You," from his car window on his way into the Church. Another incident was with one older white woman leaving the Church and was at a stoplight rolling down her car window and screamed, "He's not a dictator!" Alyster and I responded promptly. "He's a criminal," yelled Alystar. I chimed in, "He's a murderer. Yes, he is a dictator. Kagame is no man of peace!" Indignantly, she responded with, "You're an idiot," before driving away.

The irony between that lady's last statement and her ignorance, or, more accurately, her willingness to be led by the nose by Rick Warren to believe that Paul Kagame is a man of peace, is lost on her. If Paul Kagame really wanted peace in the Congo and reconciliation with Congolese, he should have to make restitutions for the Congolese people by resigning as president, pull his militias out of D.R. Congo and turn himself in, for repentance sake, to European authorities so he can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the countless crimes against humanity that he's committed. While at it, Kagame would do well to make amends to the LGBT Congolese for the atrocity of sentencing LGBT Congolese who had HIV/AIDS to die without access to treatment medications-denying PEPFAR funds to AIDS service organizations that acknowledged that gay people exist in Rwanda, thereby not abiding by his "Purpose Driven Bigotry."

Flying to America and putting on a show by pulling a wool over Rick Warren's "civilized" sheep is disingenuous. Let's see Kagame attempt to set right the errors of his ways by living up to some of my suggestions above. Then we'll talk about reconciliation. Otherwise, his hypocritical preaching about forgiveness, reconciliation and peace will ring hollow.

Other than those two incidents, we felt safe having the cops there protecting us. Deputy Richard W. Nelson of the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department was such a kind gentleman that he put us at ease right away. He went out of his way to accommodate us and even left me a voicemail while we were parking that a reporter name Erika Ritchie from the OC Register stopped to see him on her way in to cover the forum and had expressed interest in getting comments from me as one of the organizers of the protest. Alyster and I were elated to hear those news. We figured we would make the most out of the situation and was looking forward to speaking with Ms. Ritchie. The aim of our protest was to let Rick Warren and Paul Kagame know that we're watching them.

With that said, I can't believe my own eyes when I read Ms. Ritchie's report on the OC Register saying that the protest did not materialize.

She wrote:

Sheriff's officers who were deployed for a protest were reassigned when the protest didn't develop, but inside, it was packed.

With this disappointing, but not surprising, deceit-in-reporting, Ms. Ritchie is less than honest in her false claim that the protest at Saddleback Church didn't occur on Friday. I'm shocked that she would compromise her journalistic integrity by telling a lie about a protest I help organized on behalf of the Gays United Network, Friends of the Congo, (Rwandan) Survivors International, the San Francisco Green Party, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and Queer Nation-San Francisco.

Granted Alyster and I were 30 minutes late due to traffic, Deputy Richard Nelson and I were in constant contact with Ms. Ritchie, who told him that she wanted a comment from me, the organizer, after the civil forum. I also left Ms. Ritchie two voice mails telling her I was outside waiting to speak with her. I even offered her the option of calling me on the phone as we were leaving.

We stood outside on the sidewalk with our signs for 3 hours and left at 9:30 pm when we got word through Deputy Nelson's radio that the Kagame's motorcade was leaving. One would only have to confirm these facts with Deputy Nelson, Administrative Deputy/Terrorism Liaison Officer of the OC Sheriff-Coroner Department, to know the truth.

I'm less disappointed and more concerned with this kind of biased reporting from a journalist whose objective is to remain neutral.

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Have you ever been 2 rwanda? Do u know the things going on . I think within your misconstrued life you forget about whats really wrong in our world. I believe look closer to home before you judge the fighter of a different struggle. The bleak struggle to diminish Aid around the world but primarily in Rwanda. I have been to Rwanda in 1994 and in 2007 . From dead bodies lying on the street with WAR CRIME CRIMINALS raping, killing , sodomizing young boys and he who protects the innocent and helpless is judged by you. Who are you to judge. Judge yourself, judge your company, judge your reasoning because baring the internal and external facts where you are from is an amalgamation of hatred the desire to succeed but the destiny to screw each other in the ass. It is is such a shame I believe focus on fighting for gay rights and leave the real stuff to the professionals. President Paul Kagame is the best for that region regardless whatever name you give him.

I'll decide what issues I will focus on. I don't need your permission. You're a professional bigot correct? Just like Rick Warren? Your ignorance about what's really going on behind the scenes in Rwanda, Uganda and D.R. Congo is blisteringly inexcusable. News flash - Rwandan President Paul Kagame is not a man of peace as he is well documented by several United Nations and Human Rights Watch reports, but a harsh dictator who has waged war on his own Rwandan people since seizing power in 1994, and who has invaded neighboring D.R. Congo, to rob and control their vast natural resources, in foreign interest, since 1996. Currently both a French and Spanish court has international arrest warrants out on Kagame's top officials (Kagame does not have a warrant on him soleley because he is a head of state) for crimes against humanity committed both in Rwanda and Congo.

Rick Warren is well known for campaigning to pass California's Proposition 8, which denies the LGBT community the right to marry. He has gone on record to compare gay marriage to incest and bestiality. In a thinly-veiled scheme of Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Globalization of LGBT Persecution, he made Rwanda his first "purpose-driven nation" before moving on to do the same in Rwanda's northern neighbor Uganda, a similarly harsh authoritarian state under the reign of Yoweri Museveni in power since 1986 and has invaded the D.R. Congo unleashing the deaths of nearly six million people. The Internatioal Court of Justice ruled in 2005 that Congo is entitled to $10 billion in reparations because of Uganda's looting of Congo's resoruces and the commission of crimes against humanity by Ugandan soldiers against Congolese civilians. Uganda, also like Rwanda, is harshly repressive to its gay and lesbian communities, with Reverend Rick Warren's encouragement.

Warren and Kagame, in Rwanda, and Warren and Museveni, in Uganda, collaborate in the persecution of gays and lesbians, who have no right to marry, who are not even acknowledged as gay and lesbian people, and, who are excluded, as such, from HIV/AIDS services funded through the nearly $50 billion President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). Both Rwanda and Uganda are among the 13 "focus countries" receiving most PEPFAR funding

Uganda, like Rwanda, persecutes its gay and lesbian communities with Reverend Rick Warren's encouragement. In 2008 Reverend Rick Warren encouraged a schism in the global Anglican Communion by supporting Ugandan Bishops who were boycotting the Lambeth Conference in England because openly gay American Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson had been invited. (The same openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson was also invited to say prayers at Barack Obama's Inauguration, after the human rights outcry when Reverend Rick Warren was invited to give the Inaugural Invocation.)

In the Rwandan government's eyes, and in Evangelical and U.S. HIV/AIDS emissary Reverend Rick Warren's, same sex lovers do not and should not exist there.

Kagame, Museveni, and U.S. HIV/AIDS emissary Reverend Rick Warren, also promote "abstinence-only-until-heterosexual-monogamy" as HIV/AIDS prevention, a strategy which insists that gay and lesbian people never express their sexuality, and, that heterosexuals never express their sexuality outside married monogamy.

This so-called HIV/AIDS prevention inevitably spreads HIV/AIDS, because human beings will express their sexuality, outside the constraints of married heterosexual monogamy, whether or not they have the sex education--and/or condoms---to protect themselves.

The epidemic rape, of both male and female Congolese, by Ugandan and Rwandan militias in Eastern D.R. Congo, under the command of Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, also spreads HIV/AIDS as it devastates, dislocates, and disinherits whole communities

Warren is an apologist for mass murderer Anglican Bishop Akinola as well. Bishop Akinola, along with Roman Catholic prelates, were the driving force behind Nigeria's anti-gay laws, and Akinola holds the distinction of being held up as an example of moral strength and guidance by the dissident Episcopalian chrches while simultaneously being investigated for indictment for inciting the murder of over 700 Islamic Nigerians

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 28, 2009 12:06 AM


I made very good use of my Laotian friend to contribute to aid for landmine removal. I understand your post. I have to ask in such a country, where there are so many bad actors, that we celebrate the best among the worst.

In the first election since 1994 Kagame received over 95% of the vote. As suspicious as that high figure seems there is generally very high acceptance of his legitimacy and he will hopefully become better rather than worse.

Let's see, when was the last American President who could be called a "man of peace?" I am suggesting it was Woodrow Wilson and even he failed to get the United States behind the precursor to the UN the "League of Nations" that might well have been able to prevent WWII. That is about 90 years ago.

Robert - Thank you for your support of the bomb clearance efforts in Laos. You're making a huge contribution toward building a new legacy based on peace and security for the people of Laos and I know they are grateful for any and all help they can get. Please see my response to the first comment on this thread for more info on Paul Kagame et al. Ignore the professional bigot part because that is meant for the author of that comment.

Varientknight | September 28, 2009 4:40 AM

The United States' government in 2006 described the human rights record of the Kagame government as "mediocre", citing the "disappearances" of political dissidents, as well as arbitrary arrests and acts of violence, torture and murders committed by police. US authorities listed human rights problems including the existence of political prisoners and limited freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and freedom of religion.[31]. Oh Yeah of course he got 95% of the vote. Who the hell would dare vote any other way. He had issued the order to shoot down the plane carrying the existing President of Rwanda in 94. Do you really think some half starved, living in squaller voter would dare say a word against this poor excuse for a human being. I think not! He is the African equivalent of Saddam Hussain. So buddy Woodrow Wilson he ain't. In fact even Hitler treated the Jews better than this man has treated humanity. You can dress a pig in a suit, give him dozens of honorary diplomas from American Universities and sit him in front of a million forgiving and blind Christians and he is still a pig. The thing is this man is worse than a pig. Hitler comes out better looking than Paul Kagame. Sell your soul to him, go ahead. It has been foretold anyway. But just know that the man who has allowed and orchestrated the rape and torture of thousands of Africans so he can capture their resources, and who now is courting the world in a suit paid for by the blood of those same Africans, with a smile that the devil himself slapped on his face to confuse you; understands exactly what he is doing. And you don't have a clue.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 28, 2009 6:33 AM

Firstly, I never suggested that Kagame was Woodrow Wilson. I only suggested that Woodrow Wilson was the last American President who was a "man of peace" and I stand by that.

I thank you for validating my point. His human rights record is mediocre at best in a continent filled with bad actors. I called his 95% election return suspicious didn't I? Of course ballot boxes were stuffed and people were ignorant of anyone else for whom they could vote. Obviously for you I have to very literal.

(The United States solved this problem initially by only allowing Caucasian men who owned property to vote rather than wasting time on women, minorities Catholics and the landless) Kagame has also enforced a regrettable regime of media persons disappearing should they dare go against the wind of his regime let alone political critics. I have never traveled to Rwanda, but I have traveled to Zimbabwe and I would call Robert Mugabe the Saddam Hussein of Southern Africa, but if you have traveled to Rwanda and know better I kneel to your superior knowledge. I can tell you that superimposing a western model on an African point of view is not the place to start. Just as our fruitless efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan will not leave "just" societies behind. Africans will use Christianity and form it to their own unique interpretations regardless of what religious bigots may do.

I would say additionally that nothing about my "soul" has been "foretold" and I do not consider myself a member of any religion and generally view religious practice with distrust. I do not believe in the devil either if it matters to you. We are conflating Gay issues with genocidal impulses of the various competing tribal cultures exploited for government interest. These atrocities have gone on in Africa for thousands of years and used to be the source of (guess what?) slaves sent to America. Now with no market to export their captive defeated for profit they just kill them instead. Think about it. Do you suppose the Africans showed up at port asking to be shipped across the sea in bondage?

Regarding whether he issued an order to shoot down a plane, cite a source other than your own anger. Were you in the room when he gave the order? That would be convincing! Otherwise you choose to believe what you like. Rather than condemn out of hand I choose to keep an open, if skeptical, mind. I hear much about the atrocities, but NOTHING about a solution. Are the Western powers to go in and organize Africa?

Now, as to whether or not I am clueless, I do not rule it out as a possibility. I can, however form full sentences, spell, punctuate and form paragraphs while failing to mention Hitler.

Doesn't Rick Warren promote hate normally with his anti-gay stances? Why are we surprised?

I'm with Nakhone Keodara. It's crucial for Americans to get educated about how hard the ultra-right-wing Christians are working to put themselves in control in Africa, even if it means kissing the asses of dictators like Kagame.

This subject surfaced briefly when Sarah Palin's connections with the New Apostolic Reformation aka Joel's Army were mentioned during the Presidential Campaign. But only briefly...and most of the major media backed away from it very hurriedly. Because they don't want to have to talk openly about right-wing Christian church input (including the movement that Palin is associated with) into some of the extreme violence that is going on in different African countries, especially situations where Christian and Muslim factions are clashing.

With Palin continuing to be seen as a possible Republican candidate next time around, this will continue to be an issue that absolutely must be openly explored and exposed.

For those who want to know more, is one website where this issue is being explored.
Bruce Wilson and several other bloggers there have been following this thread.

Thanks, Patricia for being a pioneer in your activism and thank you for having the courage to write about Sara Palin's religious affiliations. It's an honor to have you on my side. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your book The Front Runner. Reading your book and, especially the ending made a such profound impact on me as I was coming out at 21 years old. I recall that my first activism impulses and my call to service was a direct result of reading The Front Runner. For that I thank you!

My first piece mentioning Sarah Palin's African link was posted in September 2008 -- check it out.

"Palin's Religious Affiliations -- Time to Ask the Hard Questions"

As a footnote -- Rick Warren himself has his links with the New Apostolic Reformation.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend", as they say. Organized Christianity's war against LGBT drives them to court whoever that is actively working to eliminate or oppress the lives of LGBT folks (their enemy). They look at themselves as on the losing end of a battle against a culture of tolerance. Desperate measures in desperate times, so they ally with the worst of the worst, ignoring the path of destruction that lay behind their allies.

Is it not the Christian way to a wealthy and successful life (as well as afterlife), to commit atrocities with both eyes wide open, then afterwards beg for forgiveness from their dear pal God while reaping the rewards from their (now forgiven) atrocities? Is that not what has been done to the African Americans? to the American Indians? to the Jews in Nazi Germany? to the Japanese Americans?

The sad thing is, history is repeating itself. Nobody is paying attention...

Lucas, I agree with you 99.9% about Christianity's organized war against the LGBT community and the hypocrisy of some of the tenants of said religion. However, I've come to accept that there are a lot of good things that Christians have done for the world as there is a little of good in the worst of us and a little bit of bad in the best of us.

I disagree whole-heartedly on the notion that nobody is paying attention. We are paying attention and there have been keepers of the truth such as Patricia Neil Warren, Annie Garrison, Alystar McKenneh and I'm sure others. The truth is just now coming into the light. It's up to all of us to shine our light where there is darkness. There's an adage that said, "The price for living is service."

i really think that you are really misinformed about Africa and also about the great lakes regions. first things first you potray kagame as being a crimial and a bad man but have you beeen to Rwanda have you seen what he's doing there???
this man is Great,he's a genius he took Rwanda from nowhere and now Rwanda was named the top business reformer! people say that he kills lesbians and gays but thats just not true cause unlike americans you would never have a publicly confessed gays!! so does that mean that it's kagame who kills them!!!
i really think that people of west are arrogant and ignorant how can you stand there and accuse a man who saved the lives of millions and who is working for reconciliation just because he associates himself with rick warren???
by the way i live in Rwanda and am Rwandese and never have i felt pressured or under a dictatorship!!! so please man get your info right

I haven't been to Rwanda or Uganda or the Democratic Republic of Congo, but my friend Filmmaker, Screenwriter and human rights activist Alystar McKenneh has. Besides, who says you'd have to be to Rwanda to know what's going on. I don't have to portray Kagame as a criminal. The French and Spanish Courts have got arrest warrents out for his minions and you are probably one of them. For you to be portraying Kagame as some sort of hero is unconscionable. This man is evil. He sold his soul to U.S. and allied interest and is importanting Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Bigotry into Rwanda. Maybe you don't have the capacity to see beyond your circumstances but know that us Westerners, actually, I was born in Laos and immigrated to the US in 1986 but I am American, Lao American to be exact, see that as Kagame casting his spell on Rwandans. There's a Marxist philosophy that "religion is opium for the masses." Apparently, you glossed over the bit about Kagame receiving billions of US funds through PEPFAR and they denying to give those funds to HIV/AIDS service organizations that would not abide by his bigotry of "heterosexual-only-no-sex-before-marriage philosophy" and his denying that gays and lesbians don't exist. Just because they don't come out doesn't mean they don't exist. Recently, there's been studies done in your country about about HIV/AIDS cases in Rwanda and it was revealed that some of them were men who have sex with men. That would mean gay people. Actually, I've been contacted by a Ugandan gay or Rwandan gay man and he was closted, within the last year because he noticed my activism and wanted me to point them in the right way in becoming an activist, which I did. He told me that he would be executed if he was out. That's dictatorship. Oh, by the way, I am actually working with a DC-based advocacy organization name Friends of the Congo, whose executive director Maurice Carney is Congolese, so you're one, well supposedly, Congolese who's fawning all over Kagame but there are thousands in the US that beg to differ and I tend to believe over some random person since they are more educated and have access to the free press, which, from what I understand and the Press has reported often about is not the case in Rwanda. Apparently, your so-called Hero Kagame has a habit of kidnapping journalist who don't agree with him. Enjoy your bribery!

"so you're one, well supposedly, Congolese who's fawning all over Kagame but there are thousands in the US that beg to differ and I tend to believe over some random person since they are more educated and have access to the free press, which, from what I understand and the Press has reported often about is not the case in Rwanda."

I meant to write "so you're one, well supposedly, Rwandan who's fawning...."

And, to beat a dead horse, Rwanda prospering from robbing D.R. Congo of its vast natural resources and raping her innocent men, women and children is hardly progress. It's called crimes against humanity or genocide in short.

This sorry excuse for a human being that you called President Kagame is twisted. His Sadistic impulses of ordering his military to rape men, young boys, women and children is evil. Did you miss the irony there? You know, the bit about him being rabidly homophobic but yet he turns around and takes pleasure in watching his male military personnel rape Congolese male civilians.

As someone who has lived in Rwanda extensively, both before and after the genocide, and who has worked on human rights in both Rwanda and Congo, I want to say "good work!" I am consistently astounded with how much Kagame is given a free pass by the international community on human rights issues. Because he talks a good talk about democracy and reconciliation and because he claims to have stopped the genocide, a shocking number of people simply take him at his word. In fact, although the violence that he oversaw was neither as systematic nor as extensive as the genocide, his troops carried out massacres both in Rwanda and Congo. The international community, far from calling for accountability, has completed ignored his culpability for war crimes.

Many of Kagame's defenders seem to misunderstand the fact that one can call for accountability for the RPF and condemns its actions without denying the genocide. The genocide was horrific and inexcusable. I lost close friends and have seen how it devastated the country. Yet ignoring atrocities committed by the RPF does nothing to correct for the genocide. In fact, the dirty little secret it that the RPF invasion is actually one of the things that made the genocide possible. People killed largely out of fear, and that fear was driven not just by a genocidal ideology but by the reality that the RPF was waging war on the country.

Its very true Paul Kagame is a Killer.
The man is responsible for butchering my people.

I'm a Tutsi too and I'm not just making it up-I was fighting alongside Paul Kagame and deserted after seeing a group that was within RPA-Rwanda Patriotic Army massacre thousands of people in 0ne month people.
Those guys were terrible-they would kill any Munyarwanda(Both Tutsi and Hutu) that grew up in Rwanda and not Uganda, using clubs or by tying their arms behind their backs(the term is known as Kandoya) that would stretch their chests till the peson died.
Note: 90% of RPA had lived and brought up in Uganda.
Those apologists of Kagame are talking nonsense.
They weren't there if they were, they wouldn't be supporting a cold blooded killer like paul Kagame.

I would ask anyone to take a good look at most of the bodies-you can see their arms tied behind their backs.

It was a plan to drive dead bodies and pile them in certain areas in Rwanda to be shown to journalists as evidence of a genocide.
Yes its very true Hutu Youths did also kill but not on the scale of Paul Kagame.

I would like to ask Paul Kagame's apologists: Who killed children, women, men and domestic animals in Kibeho refugee camp?

Thank you Tim L. and Kwizera for speaking up. I implore you to keep speaking up about this injustice.

Have a look at some of the bodies, you can see their arms tied to their backs and if you recall very well, thousands of bodies where washed by the river akagera(in rwanda) to lake victoria in Uganda.
If you can recall;this is to Paul kagame's apologist. The area of river Akagera had been controlled by RPF since 1992-to the day of the So called official genocide in 1994. My question to them. How is it possible that the interahamwe/Hutus, managed to dump all those bodies in a river that was in a province which Paul Kagame was controlling?
have a look at this link:

I am a Rwandan birth birth and blood, Istarted fleeing when I was 9 years old that was in 1991 when the Kagame RPF guerilla murderers invaded our village in BYUMBA leaving every body dead and I survived because my parents had sent me to the river to fetch water. when I came back my entire family had been brutally murdered by the Tutsi RPF soldiers who were looting in our village. my family was illiterate people they knew nothing regarding Rwandan politics but Kagame murdered them simply because they were Hutus.. .that did not end there because Kagame continued his bloody plot to cause mass slaughter in Rwanda. By the way allow me to say that he was enjoying a massive support from America especially from Rick Warren and Bill Clinton, then he killed President Habyariman Juvenal and the Burundian counterpart President Ntaryamira Cyprian. They were both of the Hutu ethnicity and when they died Clinton was happy as Rick Warren gave thanks to his god for the RPF victory. that is how animal these people could be Here is the new article published by Theogene Rudasingwa a Tutsi intellectual who fought with Kagame and became his personal protocol: for sure the wordl doesnt even care about 7million of both DR Congolese and Rwandan Hutus killed by Kagame under the support of USA

youdontneedtoknow | February 5, 2010 2:17 PM

iam rwandan and i can assure you that KAGAME IS A COLD BLOODED KILLER. think of him as the hitler of africa then you can understand.