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It's been a busy summer. Between trying to find the parts to fix my 20-year-old car (after three months we were successful and the car is being worked on as I write this), looking for some paying work as a writer, and some other interesting happenings in my life, blogging has been getting the short shrift. Hence, no posts in a while. Now that I'm ready to start posting again, I figured I'd catch up a bit and at the same time catch you up.

Barney Frank: I've said it before and I'll say it again: The man is nothing if not consistent. People are furious with him for not being willing to sign on to legislation supporting the repeal of DOMA. Frank says it's not yet the right time for Congress to take on that issue, citing hate crimes and ENDA as more urgent. I personally agree wholeheartedly, but what I'd really like to know is how many of those calling out Frank for this were among those who dutifully nodded their heads and went along when Frank dumped transgender people out of ENDA in '07 for pretty much exactly the same reasons.

ENDA: On the one hand, we know all too well the foolhardiness of too much hope untempered by a strong dose of reality. On the other, it seems like victory is so close you can almost taste it, certainly we're significantly closer than we've ever been before. And the closer we get, the more we learn. If Barney Frank is to be our guide (and he has been a pretty good one this time around), we're doing our part to make this happen, just as our friends and allies in Congress are. As we provide the backup, it's time for our first-stringers, Frank, Baldwin, Polis, Nadler, Weiner, Holt, and the rest of ENDA's co-sponsors to get the ball over the goal line.

Will they be able to do it? I don't know, but I do believe that the chances have never been better. I also believe that there will be an honest full-out push by the Democratic leadership to pass the bill as it stands, and there won't be a serious attempt made to cut protections for Transgender-Americans out of the bill. The reason I believe that is because Congressional Democrats haven't forgotten what happened the last time they stripped transfolks from ENDA. They not only remember our protests, they also remember who protested with us. While the GOP may still be perfectly happy to continue using transgender people as boogeymen, it's highly doubtful that any but the most conservative of Congressional Democrats are going to risk putting themselves at odds with the AFL-CIO and other powerful and influential progressive organizations.

Me: A lot of people have asked about my show, so here's the deal. It's not dead, we're retooling. The reason it's been taking as long as it has is because this retooling so far has involved not only replacing my old and slow PC with a spiffy fast new one, but also my producer Mike Scott moving his entire studio piece-by-piece and reassembling it at his new digs, establishing a strong and stable net connection from his new place (this has always been an issue for us as Mike lives in rural Arizona), and oh yeah, we're adding video, too! We're hoping to be back on the air in time to do a holiday show. That's as close to a time frame as I've got right now, but trust me, it'll be worth the wait.

More Me: I've gotten involved with another MMO, Fallen Earth. My last such adventure, Eve Online, ended a little less than two years ago, and I haven't really been spending very much time in Second Life lately at all. I don't know why, I just haven't been.

Fallen Earth is a game with a post-apocalyptic theme. It's not at all like the standard medieval swords-and-sorcery themes of World of Warcraft and similar games. Unlike Eve, I've never seen so much as a hint of homophobia or transphobia on their forums or in their public chats. In fact, I'm so comfortable in this game that I almost accidentally outed myself by being too social.

What happened was one of the players is forming an online music and game information radio station and he put out the word that he was looking for DJ's. Without thinking it through, I told him I was interested in a slot. When he got in touch and wanted to start getting it set up the light bulb went off: The second I turn on my mic and start talking I out myself to my entire Clan. Sure, for a fleeting second I considered just lying or neither confirming nor denying my actual gender, but I quickly discarded those ideas. I'd rather be outed against my will than lie about who I am. I left those days behind me long ago and I'll never go back into hiding. I've outed myself in the past in order to make a point, and I'll do so again when and if the need arises.

The truth is, though, as much as I hate to admit it, I like the anonymity of passing, whether it's online or in the real world. I like that I don't get the funny looks anymore and I like that for the most part I'm accepted as I wish to be without hassles. I value that, and when I realized that doing a show for this station would threaten that, my first instinct was to protect it. There's no real need to out myself to my Fallen Earth Clan, no advantage to be gained or point to be made by doing so. That being the case, I prefer to keep my mouth shut about it, something I obviously can't do if I'm on the radio.

So, I bowed out of a music radio DJ slot because I didn't want to out myself. Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day. Truth be told, if there'd been an actual paycheck involved I'd have outed myself in a heartbeat and with a smile. There isn't though. This is all about having fun, and the way I have the most fun is by keeping my mouth shut about stuff which isn't relevant to the game.

Funny, I thought I was done living two lives.

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Glad to see you posting agian.
Barney Frank... well I live a short drive froim his office and so when he bailed on trans people I did read his office staff the riot act and they did take time to talk to me about his position and did hear me out.
ENDA... good to see it moving and good to know that a few people learned last round that some of us wont sell one another out. HRC got my wrath and none of my money on that round and nary dime since.
Computer... bigger is better right? Good luck with getting things together and i'll have to give it a peek.
Don't know much about gaming but have fun.

Glad to hear you're back. We've missed you.