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Top 10 Stores to Pick Up Gay Men

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The other day I was doing some quick shopping at K-Mart and while waiting for the temp worker to figure out how to run the register, I tweeted:

It would be great if hot guys shopped at K-mart sadly it's just low income housewives with babies. *sigh*

My followers went nuts giving me suggestions on where to find hot gay guys working in retail. I've done the hard work of culling out the best of the bunch and after much "scientific research" (I went shopping!) I'm proud to present the...

Top 10 Stores to Pick Up Gay Men

After the jump, of course.


#10 - Pier 1

pier1logo2.jpgThis home interior standard has been the spot to find up twinks and the butch-challenged for years. Not only can you find gay guys easily at Pier 1, but you can pick up a scented candle for ambiance.

#9 - Borders

Nothing is as sexy as a man who knows his letters - unless he's picking out self-help books like, "How to Cut the Apron Strings: Letting Go of Mom." Plus, you can ask him if he'd like to grab some coffee without ever leaving the store!

#8 - Starbucks

Speaking of grabbing coffee, you'll find plenty of gay men at the local Starbucks. The mammoth chain always has at least one queer barista per store and a baker's dozen online at the tables. If you see the apple of your eye cruising Manhunt, invite him to munch your muffin.

#7 - Home Depot

There's a reason why this store's nickname is Homo Depot. Who doesn't want a big butch man who knows how to use his power tools? Ask Mr. Fix It for advice on how to clean out your plumbing or what size bolts you'll need to install a sling.

#6 - The Apple Store

Everyone needs a genius in their life. Whether it's the emo kid working sales, the sexy tech guru behind the counter, or the college kids spending mom and dad's money on iPhone covers and laptops, the Apple Store is chock full of hot guys with taste, smarts, and money to spend.

#5 - Macy's

macys_logo.pngAh, the good old fashioned department store. From the makeup counter to the men's suit department, there's plenty of gay employees to choose from. See the shopper staring longingly at the Calvin Klein underwear? Grab a pair and tell him they'd look good laying around his ankles!

#4 - Target

Who doesn't know a gay guy who works and/or shops at Target? Enough said.

#3 - Gap

See that guy checking out his ass in the mirror? Tell him he rocks those khakis like an African explorer. Let him know you've got experience handling big snakes and invite him on a private safari.

#2 - Whole Foods

Just about any grocery store is perfect for picking up a man. There's a reason why single women in the 70's and 80's swore by the produce section... Is he shopping for one? Target sighted.

#1 - PetSmart

petsmart.jpgThe man who's willing to spend big bucks on his dog is begging for attention and adoration. Let him know you'll always be happy to greet him at the door and he'll follow you home like a puppy.

So where do you think the hottest gay guys work or shop? Have you ever picked up a retail employee while they're working? What about another shopper?

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Working part-time at B&N, I can attest to the hotness of the clientele, especially the dramatic increase of sexy dads (not all of whom are straight).

Also, the Apple Store at Keystone at the Crossing (Indianapolis) does indeed have some jaw-dropping techies. I had a training session with one, & found it difficult to concentrate while smelling his cologne.

As I tell my partner, "I may be married, but I'm not dead."

I know this might not be in your line of expertise, but where do hot lesbian women shop?

Definitely not in my area of expertise... Want to give us your own list of suggestions? :)

Trader Joe's. Thursday nights. Check near the Dark Chocolate Pistachio stuff above the frozen enchiladas.

What if it's an employee working inthe cafe at Barnes and Noble? Does it count as book store or Starbucks? Also, when I was in 8th grade the 16 year-old Gap employee was totally hitting on me. When I met him five years later in college, he remembered me. That was an awkward moment of recognition!

I always noticed more gay guys in Lowe's than in Home Depoot. Maybe it's the lighting... ;-)

Wait, where's Toys-r-Us? That's a great place to meet boys.

I mean gay dads, silly.

The quote at the beginning of the article reminds me of this incident from a few years back-

I was at the gas station, filling my car up...

a young, attractive, well groomed guy pulls up behind me and begins to do the same, and when we make eye contact he asks me in a British accent, "Pardon me, do you know where there's a gay bar around here?"

I gave him a blank stare..."Excuse me?"

"A gay bar...I heard there is a gay bar nearby...I'm looking for it...?"

I told him, sorry but no I didn't, and we went our separate wasn't until I drove around the corner about 15 seconds later and saw the giant sign that I realized he was asking if I knew where the K-Mart was.

If you are in Los Angeles: Pavilion's on Santa Monica, not far from Palm's.

If you are in San Francisco: Cliff's Hardware, just down the hill from the Castro Theatre.

Also in SF: The Safeway, southwest down Market from the old US Mint and across Market from Eros! (How convenient!)

If you are in Indianapolis: Move to Los Angeles or San Francisco.

Here's my starter list for where lesbians (hot and otherwise) shop:

1. Ikea (Gay men seem to gravitate here, too)
2. REI (or other camping goods stores)
3. Home Depot

Others, anyone?

In my experience there are a LOT of gay male hotties cruising around Target, but the real #1 that wasn't on your list is Trader Joe's. You can't go around a corner without either running into a cute gay customer or employee.

I agree with Robert. I've always found Lowe's to be gayer. Hotter, more available guys and a better selection of merchandise.

So true on # 3! I work at the Gap and a good 85 to 90% of the guys who work there are gay, including myself. The only place to find a straight guy is stock and we're working our way into there too.

I work at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN (Not Minneapolis) & I can tell you there is no shortage of gay men working & shopping there. I have personally seen cruising going on in the mens room & have a friend who picked up 4 different guys in one day doing the same.

And with so many hotels near by it's a perfect place to pick up a guy for a quickie. lol

Notable omissions: Nordstrom, Walmart, and Costco. Particularly during the half-yearly men's sale, Nordstrom is teeming with Queermen looking for quality and best-value. Walmart, despite its economic baggage, seems to choose sites perfect for drawing a fine mix of hot guys. Best shopping cruise scene I ever had was with a young solider in a local store near his duty post--I noticed him following me about the store, walked over and asked if he had a daddy on his shopping list, and the rest was the stuff of good adult film. Costco is much the same as Walmrt, but it's amazing what one can do in between palettes of 2-gallon jars of salsa!

IKEA, all day, everyday. I'm near DC. It is ALWAYS IKEA. I have never seen a gay man in Petco, because Petco is usually very unkempt here and NO ONE shops at MACY's anymore.

So please go ahead and bump IKEA up to at least number 2.


All the great guys are gay or married. Or, both.

Yes, IKEA, and ALWAYS Ikea. The only reason why Ikea would not be a city's gathering place for Teh Gay would be that the city is missing an Ikea.

Oh, no -- it looks like the only places to cruise are multinational corporate chains -- I guess that's as gay as it gets...

Kitten Kaboodle | October 13, 2009 9:21 PM

Petsmart? Are you daffy? Who needs competition from a pampered pooch? A pet is a BIG red flag, worse than a nosy mother!

The person totally forgot to include IKEA. I don't thnk I need to explain that one in detail why....

Don't forget Hollister's. With all the great photos on the wall and the clothes they wear what better place?