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We're $122 short with only 3.5 hours to go!

Filed By Bil Browning | September 10, 2009 8:30 AM | comments

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Two days ago I announced that a generous Projector has made an offer to the Bilerico community. Our reader will match up to $1000 total raised on Bilerico if at least 12 people donate that much by noon today. So far, a dozen people have donated, but we're still $122 short of raising the full $1000!

Donate to No On 1/Maine Marriage Equality via Bilerico's ActBlue page and your donation will be doubled!

NoOn1donate.jpgLet's get that final $122 in the kitty so we collect all the matching funds! We raised the other $878 in less than 24 hours, but no one donated yesterday. If we raise $122 by noon it'll become $1000!

If the next 10 Projectors gave $15 each, we'd surpass our goal! Won't you help?

PS - All money donated goes directly to No On 1/Maine Marriage Equality. Help us out by noon to double your contribution!

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I'm not normally much of a size queen, but I know that the Bilerico family can do better than THIS! ;-) Help us do something awesome!

Who am I kidding! OF COURSE I'm a size queen! I want someone to top us off with a big final donation! Please!

Done! But don't let that stop you from contributing too!

I'm so thankful to everyone who gave!

MONEY DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU DON'T CONVINCE PEOPLE TO VOTE NO ON QUESTION 1. Do you understand that, gay people. Please phonebank, talk to friends, email newspapers, send tweets etc. to get in touch with people to vote NO on question 1. COMMUNICATE!!!! It's the most important thing you can do.

Donate whatever amount of money you can to equalitymaine so they can run ads in Maine.

100% agreed! This is the beginning. This is a start for people who don't know what else to do. Many of us aren't in Maine, though, and if we were to call Equality Maine today and ask what us out-of-staters could do for them, they'd say: "Help us run ads. Help us recruit volunteers. Help us pay for our domain to educate people online. Help us hire more staff. Help us pay for educational materials and equipment to make them. Help us as much as you can afford to."

If you CAN take a volunteer vacation to Maine, get in touch with The Task Force. They're helping people who can actually GO and BE there to help out be effective there. Check this out:

It may be your best vacation ever. If you go, and we win in November, you'll NEVER regret going. Unless your dog runs away while you're out there. That would suck. Maybe I shouldn't say NEVER. I'll say MOST LIKELY 99.99999% sure you'll never regret going!

Hey Bill, did we reach the goal? I donated yesterday to help bridge the gap and would love an update.

We did. There will be an update post about it today at 4:30pm Eastern time. ;)