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Babs Siperstein interview at the National Equality March

Filed By Bil Browning | October 15, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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Babs Siperstein is the first trans woman to be a member of the Democrat National Committee - a powerful and symbolic post inside the Democratic Party. She spoke on stage at the National Equality March and when it was time for the media to do interviews, I didn't see anyone fawning all over her like they did for a television star or certain glamourous singer so I thought I'd give her the paparazzi treatment she deserves.

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Hot damn Bil, way to go! I don't really know her from the work she does, but I know she works hard. The Babs I know I met four years ago with friends over dinner. We had a great time, got to know each other some, then Babs and I stood in the parking lot until way late talking about life.

She's awesome, and I didn't even know, until I saw your article she'd gotten the new position. I do know that she works hard, loves her family, and works hard to keep herself and her family happy, healthy and safe.

She's awesome, and I'm glad you gave her some coverage!

Mad props to you!


She was a joy to interview. I hope we get the chance to chat again soon.

Thanks for interviewing Babs. She is a true rock star of our community. She has been a mover and shaker in New Jersey for years, and is on a first name basis with many of the political elite, although you wouldn't know it from her modest demeanor. She was at the forefront of the group that recently brought a state-wide statute in NJ protecting gender identity and expression successfully through the NJ legislature. She is both patient in her advocacy and relentless in her support, a good combination for anyone trying to get anything done in the snakepit of politics. She's a great choice for the DNC, and good on them (and on us) for choosing someone so savvy.

What Jill said. Babs has been a major activist and political player here in NJ since long before I've been around. She's as politically savvy as they come, and my first call when I need a reality check on trans and especially NJ politics.

Everyone knows I'll never hesitate to criticize the Dems when they deserve it, but the DNC could not have chosen better here. Babs is someone who the entire LGBT community respects and who we can be confident will represent us and our issues well on the national stage. In my experience, her loyalty to the Democratic Party is strong, but her loyalty to the trans community is even stronger.

In my book, Babs' appointment is not just a testament to Babs herself and the amazing amount of work she's done on behalf of our community, but also a gold star for the DNC, hopefully to be followed by many more.

Thank You Bil for highlighting Babs Siperstein! As you can tell everyone above holds her in very high esteem!
She is a major force in NJ and now on the DN. She puts lots of her time and effort into helping all of the LBGT people! Bil, I am sure she gave you her card! You have questions give her a call and she will do her best to get answers! Thanks again for Giving Babs Siperstein a bit of fawning! Regina