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Barney Frank explains his comments on the National Equality March

Filed By Bil Browning | October 27, 2009 7:00 AM | comments

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Rep Barney Frank's controversial statements about the National Equality March created quite the stir. So much so, that when the Congressman sat down to answer the top 10 questions asked on social media giant, this question asked him if he was sorry for his "putting pressure on the grass" comments. He's not.

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You know i'd hate to say it but Mr.Frank may have a point. What break through effect has this march had? Whose eyes has it opened? There must be another way..

The intense value of this clip is how he explains what is needed to move bills forward in Congress.

I hope that everyone listens to and heeds it. Some spend years trying to figure out what influences legislators. Barney tells us.

Our work isn't done, and I would love for Congress to get 200,000 calls from us, 200K emails and 200K letters. I know we can do it. I just hope that more of us do it more often.

Congressman Frank has a good point. And I was there at the March and still support the March. I hope that people who went with me don't think they're done. I do believe that the organizers of the March have done a great job of telling people THIS is the start NOT the end. They are trying to build a network to do exactly what Frank is saying here. He is right that the way to get laws passed is direct interaction with your lawmakers.

I would like to see this become a reality. In a few weeks, Equality Across America is asking us to take the next step--they are asking us to host mobilizing meetings in our Congressional District during the week of November 1-8.

If you went to the march, your work is not done. You must now help build momentum in your district. Get with other people in your district and build a team. Use that team to reach out to your lawmakers, other LGBT people in your district, and allies. You should also use that team to help neighboring Congressional Districts mobilize. All the information for doing this is at EAA's site--but you really have to take the initiative and sign up.

Did you go to the march to just feel good about yourself and get on CSPAN--or do you want to see real change happen NOW? Show Congressman Frank we were NOT just putting pressure on the grass.

Rev. Donna Tara Lee | October 28, 2009 11:04 AM

I was at the march and as I have said, Barney Frank, you missed the bus. You keep hobnobbing with the fancies and us grunts will march, petition, picket, educate and do all we can for free because we believe fully in full GLBTQ civil rights now!!!!!! Not in 5 years or 10 years, NOW!!!!

We are not going along with the old incremental state by state, community by community approach. We demand our rights now on the federal level that supercedes state law. If not for the march there would have been no federal change in HUD or other Fed housing guidelines.