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First Ad Hits the Air for One Kalamazoo's Anti-Discrimination Fight

Filed By Waymon Hudson | October 15, 2009 3:30 PM | comments

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In November, Kalamazoo, Michigan's ballot initiative over the LGBT-inclusive human rights ordinance will be voted on. The campaign to approve the ordinance, One Kalamazoo, has released it's new ad: "Neighbors."

From the campaign:

The ad, starring volunteers and community leaders, was shot in downtown Kalamazoo and explains why a YES vote stands for fairness and equality.

Some personal reflections after the jump...

All of my in-laws are from Michigan and I have spent a lot of time in the state and in Kalamazoo. An ordinance like this could really help build momentum for the LGBT community in Michigan, which is vibrant and strong.

I'll admit that I wasn't very aware of the Michigan LGBT community until I married one of their own. Since then, I've seen that even though they face tough odds, they are putting in the work and making real progress. I even had the honor of marching through Detroit with them in the sleet and snow on the National Day of Protest last year.

This ad also represents something very important that many other campaigns have been afraid to do- explicitly include transgender people. It's refreshing (and long past due) that our trans brothers and sisters are not only included in legislation, but in discussions and education campaigns like this ad.

Kudos, Kalamazoo!

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I'm such a bad judge of these ads, but I know what I hate. I didn't hate that ad.

LOL- a ringing endorsement...

I like the ad. It's good for a local ordinance issue campaign- approachable, local feel, positive.

Thanks for posting this Waymon and for pointing out the Trans-related issues. If you've read my contributor bio you'll note that I am trans. Until about 2 weeks ago, I was the Director of Operations for the One Kalamazoo campaign. I did not leave the campaign but, had to step down my involvement for health/personal reasons. I helped write the language for the ordinance and worked extensively with the sub-committee that redrafted it. It's a good, strong ordinance and and includes strong provisions for the transgender community. From the beginning there was never a thought that the trans community could be dropped to make it easier to pass. Instead, when the pressure about bathrooms etc...began to be turned up - the response was to say "No, the time for inclusiveness is now" and then strengthen the trans provisions even more. Unity Rocks!

Wow - ActBlue Express makes that so damn easy! It makes PayPal seem complicated by comparison.

Two thumbs up for OneKalamazoo. And thanks, Waymon, for highlighting this battle. Is there any way TBP can keep the donation link on page 1? Now on to the great state of Washington!

But the ad ended with a straight couple with kids? How about showing a gay or lesbian couple? The ad was very straight-washed. The questions becomes tho - will that help pass the ordinance?

And WTF is up with the recent trend to allow the majority to vote on the civil rights of the minority?