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Happy Birthday, Sister

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Today is my sister's birthday! I have two older brothers and a younger brother, and when I was young I begged my mother for a sister, or a dog. I got a sister. My sister begged my mother for a sister or a dog. She got a crazy beagle named Saint Louie Marie de Montfort, patron saint of something, little sisters maybe.

This morning I called her and did one of my hilarious [to me] birthday rap songs. She listened and then busted me as only a little sister can. "You've been on the road for weeks. I have to read your website to know where you are. Where are you?"

So, dear sister[s] and brothers, a quick recap.

After my PTown summer season where I get to ride my bike to work at the Crown and Anchor every night, it was back to New York and bye bye bike, hello airplanes. First stop was San Fransisters, CA for a show across the bay at the Montclair Women's Cultural Arts Club. Owned and run by Barbara Price, the club is a multi-purpose showcase. And it was like old homo week - I saw singer/songwriter Margie Adam, famed photographer Irene Young, and backstage maven Connie Lane.

After a great lunch at Poggio Tratorio in Sausalito with gals who bid on me at the NCLR auction [try the thin crust pizza], I got a ride with more wonderful NCLR volunteers to Sacramento for a show at the renovated Crest Theater. You've got to see the neon marquee! Sacramento is the epicenter of the budget Conan the Republican madness, so they were all ready to laugh.

From Sacto I flew to Long Beach CA, home of Billie Jean King, and performed in the beautiful Center Theater, where we had taped my 25th anniversary special. After the show, my pal Julie Goldman, a transplanted New York lesbo comic and star of The Big Gay Sketch Comedy Show, gave me a ride to my old friend Leslie Belzberg's house. We laughed all the way. Leslie is doing a great job co-chairing the OutFest Board and my goddaughter Sophie is now officially as tall as I am.

The next weekend brought me to one of the longest running, all volunteer, community performance clubs in the country - The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI. The state of MI is hurting with job loss and foreclosures and everyone is feeling it. They needed the laughs. I got my usual ride to and from Detroit with my favorite scientific researcher, Carol Mousigan, who explained to me how they were containing a MI tree blight. I couldn't have been happier.

I left Detroit and flew to Albuquerque - it was the balloon festival but it was too windy, so I didn't even seen that Jiffy Pop looking balloon without Falcon in it - where I was picked up by Melissa Howden, a good friend from Holly Near and Redwood Record days. We yacked and drove up to gorgeous Taos for a show at the second annual Festival of Change held on the grounds of KTAO radio, a solar powered community radio and heart of the progressive community. Before driving back to Albuquerque, Melissa was a great guide through the Taos pueblo. And she's a great cook.

After a few days home to see my gal pal, do laundry and pay bills, I flew to Orlando, FL for one of my favorite conferences - the Out and Equal conference. I emceed their big Outie Awards dinner for corporations and municipal organizations that bring LGBT diversity into the workplace. It is always inspirational, but especially this year when Hillary Clinton addressed the dinner via impeccable satellite [oh those Disney people, they have everything] on behalf of the LGBT employee relations group at the State Department that had won its first Outie.

From the muggy 92 degrees of FL, I flew to DC for the absolutely glorious Equality March. I met my galpal and we saw old friends and then marched with at least 200,000 LGBTs [more if you double up the bi-sexuals] and our allies to the Capitol. It was young and feisty and very exciting. Organized by brilliant young queers mastering the new social media, the crowds showed up and I'm still cheered by what I saw of the next generation. I got to introduce my girlfriend and she gave a kickass speech you can see on YouTube.

After DC I flew to Ptown for the 25th Annual Women's Week and a nor'easter. Four days, five shows, three book signings, two showcases, one touch football game, one performer brunch, one literary panel, one casino night, several parties and several inches of rain later, I am back in NYC for a few days. And a nap.

Happy Birthday, Mary Harmonica. You're my favorite sister.

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And a happy birthday to your beautiful wife who shares my birthday! Libras unite!

You were fab at the march. My gosh, I don't envy your travel schedule. The little travel I do makes me crazy. But I'm thankful you're out there spreading cheer. Keep up the good work!