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How Perry Bindelglass became the official Bilerico photographer at NEM

Filed By Bil Browning | October 14, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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This weekend's National Equality March was absolutely amazing and the unexpected moments kept piling up. We ran into Glee star Corey Montieth while shopping and the Mayor of DC stopped me in the street to say hello, but one of the most amazing introductions I had came minutes before the beginning of the March. That's when I met Perry Bindelglass at the march's press offices.

Perry, a straight photographer with little knowledge about LGBT politics or history, was told about the march by his mother who had heard about it from the cast of Hair. He showed up that morning and asked for a press pass and on our way out the door he asked if he could tag along with the Bilerico team in exchange for the right to publish some of his photographs.

My executive committee member access level allowed me to sneak Perry backstage for some of the most stunning photos from the march. I've highlighted five of my favorites, but at the end there's a slideshow with over a hundred more you won't want to miss. Feel free to reprint any of the pictures you'd like as long as you use the photo credit.


Veteran activist David Mixner addresses the National Equality March. Mixner originally called for the march for LGBT rights. Photo credit: Perry Bindelglass for


Protestors flow down Pennsylvania Avenue and onto the Capital lawn during the National Equality March. Photo credit: Perry Bindelglass for


Performer Lady Gaga addresses the National Equality March. The singer spoke directly to the President saying, "Obama, I know you're listening." Photo credit: Perry Bindelglass for


Over 200,000 LGBT activists attended the National Equality March. Photo credit: Perry Bindelglass for


Actress Cynthia Nixon addresses the National Equality March about the need to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. Photo credit: Perry Bindelglass for


The cast of Hair on stage during the National Equality March. Photo credit: Perry Bindelglass for

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When Perry walked up to us and was like "You want a photographer?" I thought he was crazy, but the pictures he took were GORGEOUS--Like LIFE MAGAZINE GORGEOUS! The marchers heading down Pennsylvania to the Capitol is absolutely priceless. Perry, you've got an AMAZING future ahead of you!

Those are beautiful and very moving photos. The chicken was a nice touch. I spent WAY too long on your pictures until I realized I was looking at photos from last year or earlier. Is there a way to put them in folders for the events they represent?