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Kalamazoo transphobes' bathroom scare tactics

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 21, 2009 5:30 PM | comments

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These folks just don't change. Not one bit. Here's an ad from the Religious Right's campaign against an LGBT anti-discrimination law in Kalamazoo:

I can't find a copy of the flyer in question, but I did recognize one of the names on it: Kate Lynn Blatt. You may remember her as the transwoman who, several months ago, was asked to produce a photograph of her genitals as a condition of employment.

Well, it turns out she was involved in another incident of transphobia that didn't get much attention in the LGBT media but that became something of a legend to the right. Here's Philidelphia Gay News, via the AFA of Pennsylvania, since they're the only ones hosting the story now:

Kate Lynn Blatt said she was trying to select clothes at Kmart in The Gallery, 901 Market St., around 11 a.m. May 30, when she was prevented from accessing the women's fitting room by a guard.

After two managers were summoned, the dispute still wasn't resolved. She said a mid-level manager was rude to her, claiming she's not female, even though Blatt's driver's license with its female designation was shown to him.

Blatt, 27, said two calls were placed to 911, and after a 70-minute wait, an officer arrived.

The officer continually referred to Blatt using male pronouns. But after Blatt showed her driver's license to the officer, she was granted access to the fitting room, Blatt said.

Then, she purchased the clothes.

If that wasn't embarrassing enough, a year later she was fired because she wouldn't show a photograph of her genitals to her employer, Manpower. And now she's being used in a transphobic ad as an example of a sex predator by people who know nothing about her.

The right really has no shame.

But, just like in Gainesville, this seems to be a major part of the Kalamazoo campaign. Here's another flyer the Kalamazoo transphobes were passing around:



By the way, I do love the question, "Do you want your daughter, wife, sister, mother or grandmother to share a bathroom with a cross dressing man?" It's incredibly tribalistic, pretending it's about protecting women when it's really about protecting women-as-property. Women have the right to vote in Kalamazoo, can't they be addressed directly? Or does Og protect women, women no speak?

And, if they want to start picking and choosing which women they want to share their bathroom with, they can just use the bathrooms in their house.

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I lived in Peru Indiana back in 2000....Ugh! This is ridiculous, but expected considering it is the heart of the "bible belt".....maybe it should become a federal felony for political organizations to issue such propaganda!

I wonder if Ms. Blatt can't sue them immediately and get a bunch of publicity in the local paper for their vicious attack on her when she's not a sexual predator as they're claiming...

I recognize Julie Nemecek and Kim Nixon in the ad as well. None of the above have any history of predatory behaviour, so the usage of their likeness is libel.

Um, many parents aren't comfortable looking at their one-armed neighbor either, able-bodied guilt perhaps, nor are they comfortable having to explain such things to their kids, but it's hardly any reason to "protect" people from the disabled. When are people just going to get it that co-existence is a little more important than their fragile sensitivities?

As far as the FL tactics, this gives a bit more insight into the obsession with bathrooms:

New details emerge in CVS voyeurism case

The CVS Pharmacy manager who allegedly admitted Friday to filming women in his store's bathroom was an active participant in the 2008 charter amendment to "keep men out of women's restrooms."

full story at

The "men in women's restrooms"? Non-trans creeps.

Rev. Donna Tara Lee | October 22, 2009 9:38 AM

The picture of the man in the baseball hat? They used the same picture here in gainesville. I remembered it as soon as I saw it.
They have no shame and will defame us to incite not only votes against us but also violence against us in the Transgender community. As a ex-boxer and somewhat of a martial arts fighter, I hope one of these homophobic bastards make the mistake of attacking this 61 year old 5:4 post-op trannsexual M-F.