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Live from Washington: Coverage of the National Equality March

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Throughout the day, I'll be posting video, pics, and messages from Bilerico contributors at the National Equality March. Follow them on Twitter: Bil (@bilerico), Michael Crawford (@dmcrawford), Phil Reese (@Ameriqueer), Waymon Hudson (@homopolitico), Dr. Jillian Weiss (@drjilliantweiss), and Travis Ballie (@kTravisBallie).

Looks like things are wrapping up. Bil's leaving, and took this picture as he was going:


Here's Julian Bond and Rea Carey talking, with Bil taking notes:


Bil took a few more pictures, but this one was actually taken by Phil Reese. Bil's interviewing Christine Quinn, lesbian and speaker of NYC council:


From left to right: Jerame Davis, Rea Carey (XD at NGLTF), and Waymon and Anthony:


Bilerico contributor Kate Clinton and her partner and former NGLTF XD Urvashi Vaid:


Bil says the police are estimating the crowd size is between 150-200K; Michael Crawford says The Advocate is reporting the official estimate is 150K.

Michael tweets: "[The National Equality March] is much, much bigger than the teabaggers rally was.[...] The Gays are a much better looking and less hateful crowd than the teabaggers were."

Phil Reese has this photo of the crowd "Rev. Troy Perry of MCC reading Archbishop Tutu's statement of solidarity."


And Bil took this pic backstage:


And just as I post this update, Bil puts this photo of him and Cynthia Nixon on his Twitter feed.


Two new pics. This is from Waymon:

I am without words. Pride doesn't even begin to describe it.


And Bil sends this brilliant photo from the Capitol:


Bil says that one-third of the marchers are at the Capitol:


And here's a photo of the crowd, again:


Michael Crawford reports on Twitter that the Daily Show was there. Expect a segment this week comparing the gays to the teabaggers.... Phil Reese is saying it's John Oliver.

Bil got a pic of Waymon and his husband, Anthony.


Jillian Weiss got a short video:

And some people singing:

Phil Reese sent in this video only with the message "We're moving."

Phil Reese sends in a photo of a colorful protester:


Bil tweets:

The view of #NEM lining up @ 15th & K. That crowd goes for blocks before and behind


Jillian Weiss has some new pics from the march on her Facebook page:


And here's Ramapo College's banner:


Bil tweeted this photo. There's a crowd gathering, and I'm afraid.


The New York Times posted a reader's comment on Obama's speech at the HRC dinner (without citation, so let me know if it was you!):

Bil Browning, a blogger for Bilerico Project, a Web site aimed at a gay audience, said moments after the speech ended that the site was flooded with critical comments by people who said they had heard nothing new. "I could have watched one of his old campaign speeches and heard the same thing," one wrote.

It would have been nice, though, if the writer has used the term "LGBT" instead of "gay" throughout her article, since HRC is, ostensibly, an LGBT org and this website isn't just aimed at a gay audience. Oh, well, at least our issues are making it to the NY Times.

Bil tweeted this photo of Phil and Jerame all ready to march:


Reader Colin Hammer sent in a few videos, which you can find on the Bilerico Project's YouTube channel. He says:

The student contigent is massing almost 500 people now and growing. We're stepping off at 10:45 to march at the front of the march.

And here's video of the student contingent reacting, most likely, to Barney Frank's assertion this week that the March would be "useless":

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Thanks for this guys. Even from 3000 miles away you make us feel like we are participating!

FYI to people who want more coverage: I'm only pulling some of the info from those twitter feeds listed above. There's plenty more happening over there.

I'm loving the pictures! Keep em coming!

Check C-Span... they said they were doing live coverage

Watching on C-Span - just saw Bil on stage with Cleve Jones and Gilbert Baker - how awesome!

Jo-Ann Adams | October 11, 2009 2:32 PM

Trying to get info on Washington. It is 8:30 AM here in Honolulu.

So great to find your site. Wonderful photos that capture the mood.

I will get the word out here in Honolulu through my Facebook to check our your site.



I'm sooooo fucking proud and excited...thank you for the pics...C-Span is on....Thank you for not listening to the second guessing worry warts...

Our time is NOW not in some mysterious future.

What was Christine Quinn regurgitating today? Let's hear our great gay representatives spearhead a class action suit against the government on our behalf.

It was an incredibly beautiful day to march, and a really colorful and good-looking crowd. It could not have been better organized. The D.C. cops were great.

I was pleasantly surprised to run into a group of about a dozen gays from several European countries who came for the March. Ireland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Switzerland. They mentioned that the US movement inspires them all in Europe. They all met each other in grad schools in the USA and are back in Europe working now.

People were really smiling and psyched. Lots of talking about Obama's speech last night, and the obstacles faced in Congress on things like DOMA repeal. All those states with constitutional amendments against same sex marriage pose political trouble even for the democrats there.

We have lots of work ahead of us, and its good to let the world know that the LGBTQ movement is alive and kicking, and moving ahead. The energy of the crowd was so positive.

That chicken was wearing size 16 pink patent leather pumps.

For an American living in China it's so nice to see these pictures. Way to go guys! Power to the people! Man, I wish I could have been there.

On another note, did anyone read the quote Barney Frank gave the NYTimes:

Representative Barney Frank called the march “emotional satisfaction” for its organizers and said of their intention to pressure the Obama administration, “The only thing they’re going to put pressure on is the grass.”

Mr. Frank has represented my district in Massachusetts (what what!) for practically my whole life and I love the guy. And while I know he's from an earlier generation of gay men and that what he said had some (however minor) truth to it, the words still hurt. What do you guys think?

This was a great weekend from the receptions Friday evening to the workshops I attended and even helped facilitate, to the too unlikely for fiction rainbow in a blue sky before the march took off. Then I listened to Julian Bond give the keynote address where he totally excluded trans people and it took my heart right out of the weekend. In the introduction, he was described the "the LGBT communities' Julian Bond". Well, I'm sorry but us Ts are still looking for our Julian Bond. You write that you wished the NY Times used LGBT instead of gay but I ask why would they when speaker after speaker didn't, when the feature speaker specifically didn't. I think it is going to be a while before this trans woman feels she has a place in "Equality Across America". All I'm left with on Monday morning is further depressing proof of just how far behind trans people are in the larger LGBT movement and a very badly sunburned face.