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Stand For Marriage Maine is forcing children to learn about same-sex marriage!

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There is a sinister force at work right now trying to take the innocence away from our children, undermine and tear our families apart, and corrupt and recruit a generation of Americans--the youngest generation--to buy into their terrifying agenda.

Stand For Marriage Maine has forced children all across Maine to become aware of the existence of same-sex couples and the possibility of same-sex marriage.

Millions of children in Maine, who would have otherwise not ever known that gay people exist, are being inundated by an avalanche of television and radio ads that force them to hear every gory detail about the existence of homosexuality and the reality of same-sex marriage.

Our children would not know marriage existed if it wasn't for the schools. There is no other way for them to possibly become aware of this basic social institution other than what they are taught in schools. That is why there are comprehensive units and lessons dedicated to teaching young children all of the legal nuances of Maine marital law, starting in preschool. If not for this, children would grow up not knowing that marriage is an option for them.

However, now that Stand For Marriage Maine is taking things into their own hands, they've begun shoveling down the throats of our children this concept of Same Sex Marriage--something that would surely never come up in school, as all discussions about marriage are rigidly scripted by lawmakers with only the language of the state law. They are creating total anarchy in our schools. As discussions of marriage in schools never veer to include what is done in governments outside of Maine; there would have been no possible way children in Maine would have learned about same-sex relationships.

However, the sinister Stand For Marriage Maine changed all of that. By constantly bombarding Maine with ads about teaching same-sex marriage in schools, this organization has made children aware that every government around Maine, including Canada, have affirmed Marriage Equality. Certainly, Maine's children would have known nothing of this without the propaganda of this organization.

When Stand For Marriage Maine decided to take the law into their own hands and create this ballot initiative to intervene on a legislative matter, they began teaching Maine's children same-sex marriage every day through the liberal media. The genie is out of the bottle now. Surely these children will never be able to choose opposite-sex marriage now that they know the other option exists. Stand For Marriage Maine has all but assured an end to the institution of marriage as we know it in Maine.

We don't know if the radical homosexual agenda is going to take over Maine schools in the future, but we do know that if anyone is responsible for making innocent children aware of the existence of same-sex marriage, its those radical anti-family propagandists at Stand For Marriage Maine.

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