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Stephen Colbert Wants You to Approve Referendum 71

Filed By Waymon Hudson | October 27, 2009 4:30 PM | comments

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The Colbert Report took aim at Washington State's Referendum 71 on last night's episode.

Colbert used his popular "The Word" segment to decimate the opposition to LGBT partnerships. The word was "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and looked at how the anti-LGBT forces were trying to keep the names of petition signers secret. Colbert fires away, telling them, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, that they should keep their bigotry in "the closet that the gay people have abandoned."


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After the jump, watch the ridiculous, fact-free ad that Colbert ripped apart. Scandinavia, indeed...

Obviously this is a homemade ad (I think I made a home video with my old PC 10 years ago that looked a lot like this- minus the moronic bigotry, of course). I really like that Colbert used his show to not only tell everyone to vote for Referendum 71, but also has consistently linked the the anti-marriage equality movement with it's more ridiculous roots.

He's smashed the National Organization for Marriage (who can forget his amazing "Gathering Storm" spoof) and taken on Prop 8, always linking the opposition to its illogical and small-minded roots. He lays bare the absolute absurdity of the fundie forces.

While it is of course entertaining and generally hilarious to use satire to point out the ridiculousness of trying to keep loving couples apart, it also helps reinforce how out of touch and generally not connected to reality the opposition is. Colbert brilliantly uses his show to further erode the little credibility that the anti-LGBT forces have.

So soldier on, Colbert! My word for today is "Thank you."

For more information on how you can help Approve Referendum 71 in Washington, visit http://approvereferendum71.org/.

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The only way to deal with these people is to ridicule them. If they think Scandanavia is a country that had 19 times more drug use because of same-sex marriage, then they're beyond hope.

Stephen Colbert is amazing. I love him.

What happened to the ad? I wanted to post it elsewhere and have searched the web for it but I can't find it.

Looks like there is a youtube maintenance issue- I can't even access the site at all right now.

The url for the bad ad video is http://www.youtube.com/v/3VRllXxsRoo so hopefully when youtube fixes itself you'll be able to see it.

The ad you linked to, Waymon, is listed as a "private" video and cannot be accessed.

But what is accessible is this hilarious woman in shoulder pads who has some real problems getting it together in how she understands the process:

Her video is hilariously schizo... I especially love the new-agey music in the background as she talks to herself.

That was one of his funniest bits yet.