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The Passion of the Palin

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Sarah Palin thinks she's the new Jesus. Not that she's peaceful, forgiving, and infinitely wise, but that she is persecuted by people who think they've figured everything out and her pain gives us never-ending life and a reason to live.


Since my first post on Sarah Palin was widely linked, read, and even cited in a book on Palin, does this make me a Pharisee or just one of the people shouting as she carries her cross?

Descriptions of the book after the jump, and, yes, it's really all about how much she suffers for our sins.

Matthew Continetti has written a touch, revealing look at how the bias or habits of liberals in the media led them to assault a political figure who shared neither their values nor background. Whether you like Sarah Palin or not, this well-researched and meticulous volume strips the bark off influential players in journalism."
-Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to President George W. Bush

"A compelling account of journalistic malpractice on a grand scale. Those called out in the book should not be allowed to forget what they did."
-Brit Hume, senior political analyst, Fox News

"What set off the media feeding frenzy over Sarah Palin's place on the 2008 Republican presidential ticket? Was there something wrong with Palin? Or something wrong with the media? In The Persecution of Sarah Palin, Matthew Continetti finds the answer-and exposes the media's worst excesses."
-Byron York, chief political correspondent, The Washington Examiner

"If every member of the anti-Palin media was simply forced to read and understand just the first page of this book, what is left of journalism in this country would be greatly improved. If every voter had done so prior to the election, we might have a different president right now."
-John Ziegler, creator of the film Media Malpractice

"During the 2008 campaign the 'mainstream media' wrote a narrative about Sarah Palin that had very little to do with the facts. Now Matthew Continetti, who told us the truth about the Republican machine in The K Street Gang, tells us the truth about how Palin was chosen by John McCain and how so many in the press set out to destroy her."
-Michael Barone, resident fellow, American Enterprise Institute; coauthor, The Almanac of American Politics

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"If every member of the anti-Palin media was simply forced to read and understand just the first page of this book"

If we follow her example - won't we quit after reading the introduction?

I am surprised that so little fuss has been made that she quite the governorship before even completing a single term. The republican senator in Florida also quite recently with no real explanation, and Kay Bailey Hutchison of texas is also quitting the US Senate to run for Texas governor. The republicans are QUITTERS on top of everything else.

I still think it's funny that when news broke that Palin was the VP nominee, we had three posts ready talking about other candidates as "He's the one" with background on them ready. When the Palin pick surprised everyone, we were the only LGBT site that had ever mentioned her before - and for the negative story about Alaska's human rights ordinance.

I was leaning toward voting for John McCain! Putting Sarah Palin as VP changed my leanings but real fast! If Sara Palin had not spoken or campaigned it would have been a tighter race for president!
I am so Glad that Obama won! Maybe all of the Republicans will quit their jobs in politics? Maybe they can go into banking and other leadership rolls? Oh Wait, isn't that how come the economy has tanked so bad? Bad joke to follow! What do you call a Republican in Washington?.......... "Oh Waiter!"