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First same-sex couple to marry in Latin America will be from where?

Filed By Alex Blaze | November 17, 2009 4:30 PM | comments

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Argentina, of course.

freyre_dibellox390.jpgSince I'm the only person of Argentine heritage I can think of in the American LGBT blogosphere, it'd be a shame if I didn't mention this story. A judge in Beunos Aires last Friday ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in the case of HIV/AIDS activists Alex Freyre and José María Di Bello. The mayor has said he wouldn't challenge the ruling, and the couple set the date for December first, World AIDS Day.

It isn't surprising that Argentina's the first - it's the most secular country in Latin America. The AP says that 90% of the country is Catholic, which I'm sure is true if you asked people, but the CIA Wold Factbook clarifies that only 20% of people consider themselves "practicing," which is less religiosity than the US.

What I know less about is how Argentina handles federalist questions. The US is the only other country that allows same-sex marriage in some regions but not in others (Canada used to be like us until it legalized same-sex marriage throughout), so who knows how long this will stand.

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Having been in Argentina for long periods of time, I can say that officials have rarely been a problem with gay issues. General populace is. Buenos Aires in particular has myriad accommodations and targeting of the gay Latin American market.

Despite all the commodities that are oddly absent in less advanced Latin American countries, Argentina still has the same issue when it comes to gay expression: The men are strictly not to touch nor be obviously romantic. In exclusively gay social scenes, sure; but an atmosphere of stifled expression is still present outside.

Hopefully things will turn for the better and this will set the chain of events moving for further progress in Latin America.

Alex, how can I join you in celebrating your Argentinian heritage?

this is a lovely post.

these guys are gorgeous and make a very beautiful, beautiful couple!!

it's also nice to hear about your ancestry, Alex. hopefully, you'll do more on your background.


here's a link to a video of the newlyweds gettin' political. right on!