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GLAAD's Jarrett Barrios On Washington, Maine and Our Sinful Catholic Bishops

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I caught up with GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios on Saturday night at a "red carpet gala" in Fort Lauderdale. jarrett barrios.JPG Jarrett has been with GLAAD for only two months but hasn't exactly had much time to rest. I'll tell you what Jarrett had to say, show you the fabulous waterfront mansion where the gala took place and share some pics of local gay glitterati. All after the break.

Jarrett spoke about the recent successes and failures in the multi-front fight for equality. He was pIeased with what was accomplished in Washington State, where GLAAD acted as the "communications arm" of the team that worked successfully to pass Referendum 71 expanding that state's domestic partnership law. He also expressed hope that the GLBT community will stop playing the "blame game" regarding the failure in Maine. "We certainly can't fault the team that ran the campaign in Maine. They did a great job. We should remember that we convinced 48% of the voters in Maine! That kind of support was unthinkable not so long ago. The pace of our progress is dizzying."

Jarrett, a Roman Catholic, had one word to describe the Catholic bishops' interference in Maine. "Shameful."

Beautiful attorney Maria Lescano introduced me to our host, John Evans, who is a widely recognized and innovative expert in the telecommunications industry, and is the current chair and CEO of Evans Telecommunications. John is best known for co-founding the groundbreaking C-SPAN, and for his charitable efforts in AIDS awareness and research.

John and his partner of fifteen months, Steve Wozencraft, met at a Howard Dean event. They now divide their time between Fort Lauderdale and Sag Harbor, New York. Their Fort Lauderdale home is the work of architect Bob Tuthill who elegantly delivered John's desire for a "spiritually, emotionally and physically safe place with a Key West atmosphere." The result is magnificently understated, logical and taking full advantage of its location. I so very much want to be their Ewing Klipspringer!

Later in the evening, I met handsome Cordey Lash, Vice-Chair of IGLTA, who was wearing a gorgeous silvery velvet blazer sprinkled with flowers. He told me that he had been recently honored to present John Evans with the "Courage in Business" award at the annual NGLCC dinner.

In this photo are Cordey, John and Maria.
cordey, john, maria.JPG
glaadredcarpetfort L nov 7 09-2.jpg

Here, with Cordey, is hot John Tanzella, Executive Director of IGLTA.
john tanzella and cordey lash.JPG

Here, with Jarrett, is Brian Burlingame, COO of The Jeffrey Group.
Jarrett Barrios and Brian A. Burlingame.jpg

I was delighted to cross paths with the Miami Herald's Steve Rothaus who is the GLBT voice of authority in south Florida. We are not worthy.

steve rothaus.JPG

For more pictures of the evening, you can visit Steve's column.

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Re calling the Catholic Bishops shameful...

FINALLY!!! Instead of calling Catholics and/or the Catholic Church shameful, which alienates folks like me, they get specific, and I can live with that!

The hierarchy of bishops (and that includes the Pope) have shelved the deep, personal experience of millions of LGBTIQ persons all over the world in favor of a (contrived?) principle.
That just tells me the bishops aren't really interested in the genuine experience of other human beings as jesus was....

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | November 9, 2009 9:32 PM

The best enlightenment is when we realize we don't need them at all. We who have grown up Catholic have been trapped in ritual rather than in reality.