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Focus on the Family focuses on Indiana. Again.

Filed By Bil Browning | December 15, 2009 5:00 PM | comments

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Focus on the Family has decided to target Indiana again in their push for same-sex marriage amendments. While DC took a huge step forward today, FOF is resorting to their usual scare tactics to frighten the sheeple.

Yes, that's right. The floundering "not-for-profit" religious organization may be laying off staffers left and right and complaining about their lack of funds, but that's not going to stop them from flying a production team to Indiana to make a 2.5 minute video targeting the LGBT community. Of course, they ask for donations underneath the video on their website. I wonder if they'll make up the cost of making the video? Let's hope not.

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We're one of the few states left that don't have a marriage amendment. We have a state DOMA, but no amendment. The religious right has spent years stymieing any chances at non-discrimination laws, hate crimes laws, anything LGBT+ by claiming that it will all lead to marriage and therefore we need an amendment. (Not that they'll suddenly start supporting LGBT rights, mind you, if one passed.) They've spent thousands of dollars, countless man hours, and lobbied politicians until their blue in the face.

The thing that the video neglects to mention is that Bauer doesn't take all the blame. It made it to committee and was voted down.

Bil did a good job explaining why Indiana looks like a good target for FoF. I'd like to add a point or two about why it is a very difficult target for them.

(1) Relative to some other states, the Indiana constitution is difficult to amend. The same amendment bill has to pass two consecutive legislatures separated by a state election. This alone makes a constitutional amendment a two-year process, minimum, in this state.

(2) As Bil said, the amendment bill failed in committee the last time it came up. That means that FoF and their cohorts will need to start the two-year process all over again.

(3) Indiana has already spent about a six-year period debating an amendment ban --- and the longer it gets kicked around without passing, the more both legislators and voters will come to feel that the legislature has better things to do with its time.

My take is that FoF is doing this in an attempt to get the older, more conservative voters all worked up --- and then FoF can hit them up for money, which apparently they are running low on. Personally, I doubt that this effort will bring in the bucks they expect --- and then hopefully they will move on to some other issue.

Wow! I almost feel loved.... talk about portraying our state as a road-side pit, why couldn't he have at least stood in a fallow cornfield? Glad to see our Hoosier weather didn't hold up for him. What awful lighting and lies. The bill had votes against it at one point.

BlueCollarJane | January 16, 2010 12:29 AM

I'm from Indiana, in fact B. Patrick Bauer is my state Representative, and I don't want a bunch of hate-mongering charlatans from some mega-church out west sticking their noses in my state's politics. First of all, my 'straight' marriage is in NO WAY threatened by granting gays and lesbians their equal right to marry. Do the foam-at-the-mouth FTFers have so little faith in their own relationships they worry that if gay marriage were allowed their spouse would leave them for a same-sex marriage? secondly, laws that discriminate and encourage discrimination against any group of citizens encourages and leads to those citizens being harassed, intimidated, and attacked, and I don't want my state to be the home of the next Matthew Sheppard. I don't want South Bend to turn into Laramie; we already have far too much race-based discrimination that we have to work through, we don't need or want another reason/excuse to allow hate to divide us.

These 'Pseudo-Christians' feel the need to cram their ideologies down everyone else's throat to compensate for the fact that they don't have Christ in their own hearts. At least that's how this Christian sees it. From what I can tell, they need to focus on their own families, AND the state of their own souls. Taking time out from thumping their Bibles and instead, reading their Bibles, might be a good place to start.