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New York Senate votes against same-sex marriage

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With as much anticipation that went into the NY Senate's vote on same-sex marriage (I don't know how many times I read that the Senate would be voting on marriage "this week" or "today" or "soon" in 2009), one would have thought it would have been closer. The LGBT side lost 24-38.

Lots of silliness will come of this, but my favorite so far is how the Log Cabin Republicans, after declaring that NY was where they'd make headway within the GOP, blamed it all on the Democrats. All 30 Republican state senators voted against the bill.

And then there's the opposite of silliness, which is Sen. Savino's speech. I'm impressed with the quality and caliber of the speech, and I can't imagine anyone approaching her in the Indiana Senate. It's after the jump.

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Our people in New York should have made more calls, or sent more emails. Shame on them.

Eight (out of 32) Democrats voted against SSM. That means 25% of Democratic Senators are anti-LGBT. That sounds familiar.

HRC's spin:

(From Marty Rouse, the national field director for the Human Rights Campaign, the Washington-based LGBT lobby). *from GayCityNews

“This vote was not about religion, it was not about morality,” he said. “For a lot of people, especially those who were silent during the debate, it was all about politics. We need to play that political game smarter and more strategically, and we’re getting there, but there is still a long way to go.”

Pressed to say how the effort could have been “smarter,” Rouse said he would not Monday morning quarterback the lobbying, but did say that campaign contributions to an Addabbo, for example, are not the end of the matter.

“You can’t count on buying a vote,” he said. “We should have tried to get engaged in some of these Senate districts earlier. We need to be much more visible and strategic, find allies in these districts.”

If HRC wasn't doing the things mentioned above by Rouse, then WHAT were they doing? Cocktails, anyone?

(I cross-posted this, with edits, on Americablog Gay)

We worked so damn, damn hard.
I am livid.
8 or more promises of support made to Sponsor Senator Tom Duane were broken.
(At least my own Senator, Craig Johnson, was a co-sponsor and I have thanked his office by phone.)

The NYS Senate has always been known to be an infamously dysfunctional train wreck; and our thinking that finally getting a Democratic majority was just so much Kool-Aid drinking.


Joseph P. Addabbo Jr., Queens
Darrel J. Aubertine, Watertown
Rubén Díaz Sr., Bronx
Shirley L. Huntley, Queens
Carl Kruger, Brooklyn
Hiram Monserrate, Queens
George Onorato, Queens
William T. Stachowski, Buffalo

REVEREND Ruben Diaz has always been a pathologically homophobic hateful christian.
We expected nothing from him.

George Onorato is a cranky old bastard who's ruled his fiefdom in Astoria for 100 years and wouldn't make a wave if the Titanic were sinking.

Hiram Montserrat, only 'narrowly' escaped a felony conviction of domestic violence because his victim was either so frightened of him or so co-dependent that she recanted on the stand.

Joseph Addabbo Jr. accepted money from Empire State Pride Agenda and other GLBT groups to aid in his election. (Their support is 'proudly' mentioned on his webpage.)

The other Dems who wouldn't do the right thing I don't know enough about to malign until NOW through their spineless, cowardly vote.

And Tom Duane had handshake (and more, I'm certain) promises from just enough Republicans that we should have won it, or it should have been much, much closer.

The rancid taste of betrayal in my mouth right now sickens me, and I'm just an activist ally: I can only imagine what this fine proud out man is feeling right now.

We will NEVER stop until this thing is done. In Solidarity.

Senator Savino's speech was incredible. Thanks for posting that. It was bittersweet to watch knowing the outcome, but hearing from a passionate ally is always wonderful.

Senator Savino was great. She spoke of "equality," not equal rights. She gets it.

After Maine, the result was inevitable. And it's going to happen in New Jersey. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over, and expecting different results.

Senator Rev. Diaz continues to bring his religion and Bible into our legislature. It is time for us to bring a little of our politics into his religion. We need to protest at his church, actively, on Sundays during services.