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Starbucks is so gay

Filed By Bil Browning | December 18, 2009 7:00 AM | comments

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Brother Barker is right! Starbucks is sooo gay. You probably miss the homosexual hieroglyphics on the wall while you suck down your Satan sauce, don't you?

See Jerby's Blog for more Brother Barker videos and his Lady Gaga Christmas medley parody.

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Ha! I'm sending the link on to a friend who frequents Starbucks. He's gay, so this might not come as a complete surprise.

Starbuck's hummm I never knew guess thanks Bill for the updated info. I am just guessing that I ain't queer enough (not)haven't been in one of THOOOOSEEEE places since 2003. Got lost and still have no idea what the hell the regular clients are supposed to order it's Greek to me. I figure it was probably conjured up just so that the regulars just cannot go to some other coffee vendor and order whatever it is that they might have gotten at SB. Quit SB when I discovered that my Black Coffee in a 20 oz cup at home is only $0.17 filter - water - 3 scoops of beans (parish the thought $5.00 cup of JOE) less if only black....that did it now I guess I need to prove how queer I am by going back however the huge "TIP" jar for your change from a 5 spot scares the hell out of me. Figure it'll be 5 and change sooner or later...what are we a bunch of sheep. Yet it might be worth it and a good laugh to listen to my order called out by 3 Barista's count them (order taker, order maker, and the order pick up delivery line) just leaves me laughing what is this McDonald's or Burger King. And just what was that stuff in a box under the counter someone called a special Fraperjino anyway? And that will be $4.50 sir guess you know how long it has been since don't you?