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Filed By Adam Bink | December 12, 2009 10:00 AM | comments

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Annise Parker, an out lesbian and solid progressive, is running for Mayor of Houston, and the runoff election is today. She has a slim lead in the polls. I posted an interview earlier this week with Annise, in which I explored her roots as a lesbian activist in Houston and her long-term views on marriage equality.

Re-reading the interview transcript, what makes me so pumped about this election is that Annise self-identifies as an activist first and a candidate second. She made no bones about her commitment to using the office of Mayor to help advance civil rights for the LGBT community as much as possible, including overturning the city charter ban on benefits for domestic partners of city employees. The other thing that has me pumped is that her opponent- Gene Locke, a Democrat- (a) refused to decline endorsement from Steven Hotze, a local majordomo bigot (b) significant funders of his campaign also helped fund anti-LGBT ads against Annise. Not the way a Democrat should act. Need to stick it to the haters. And after our community has lost a couple of tough ones recently, it sure would be nice to take this one home.

1. If you live in Houston, polls are open 7 AM to 7 PM CST. You can find your polling place by clicking here.

2. GOTV, as usual, is critical. The best thing to do is to call 713-861-6464 to find out where they need the most help. Come on, it's a Saturday! Pitch in!

3. If you don't (or even if you do), post a reminder to Facebook and Twitter for folks to vote. Even if don't know anyone, it helps it spread virally to friends who may. You can use this polling place finder link if you like. It'll take you all of a few minutes. Here, I'll even throw in tonight's election night party info via Facebook!

And let's help Annise bring this one home.

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She won- congrats to all the people who worked hard on this one- including the victory fund!

Thank you for keeping us informed. I used to live in Houston and two of my kids were born there. I'm glad that this happened because it points out just how complex LGBT issues are in the south. People constantly try to show them as simple and in a negative light but they are very complex just as they are everywhere else.