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Bilerico Project at the Creating Change conference

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NGLTF's Creating Change conference for LGBT activists is coming up quickly and this year Bilerico Project is co-sponsoring six workshops focusing on online activism and best practices for new media campaigns. We're partnering with the New Organizing Institute and Feministing to cover a host of issues of importance to current and would-be online activists. Plus, we're hosting a reception on Friday night for bloggers, fans, and org folks looking to make some personal connections with netroots activists.

Friday, February 5

Saturday, February 6

The conference runs from February 3-7 in Dallas, Texas. You can still register online to attend. Descriptions of each session are after the jump.

Friday, February 5

Building Your Online Presence This session gives an overview of the new media ecosystem that we find ourselves in, and how organizations can make the best use of new tools, reach out to new supporters, and move their work forward. This is an introduction to how your organization or your cause can benefit from using new media such as blogs and social networks, and will cover an overview of online organizing tools and strategies.

Integrating New Media Into Your Organizing Strategy
This session gives an overview of the new media ecosystem that we find ourselves in, and how organizations can make the best use of new tools, reach out to new supporters, and move their work forward.

Reaching Out to the Blogosphere
Blogs can be powerful engines of information sharing and places of substantive conversation, but only when people actively engage with you and your blog. This workshop focuses on the culture(s) of the blogosphere and gives concrete strategies for engaging bloggers in your work, whether you're an organizational staff person or an individual activist.

Saturday, February 6

Online to Offline Engagement It's great to drive people to your website, but if you can't move them to take offline action in the "flesh world," you haven't done your job. This session will cover how to move supporters from online support to offline activist, including some case studies from some of the most successful organizations in the U.S.

Small-Dollar Online Fundraising
We can't ensure that you'll raise $500 million like the Obama campaign, but we can help you parse out how to create an effective small-dollar online fundraising program. This session gives some stats on why email is still the killer fundraising app, how to include your supporters in your fundraising asks, and how to ensure that your asks are part of a meaningful theory of change.

From Inclusive to Intersectional: The Joys and Challenges of Diverse Online Communities
Multi-contributor blogs are virtual platforms where writers with different identities, experiences, and politics come together. In this workshop, editors and contributors from The Bilerico Project and Feministing will examine the challenges of creating inclusive communities for marginalized voices and issues. How do we create spaces where diverse perspectives are heard and nurtured? Based on real life case studies, this workshop will engage participants in dialogue about best practices for nurturing intersectional analyses and building new coalitions--online and off.

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I'm going to be there! I'll be staying right in the Conference Center with a few other LGBT bloggers! If anyone is going but hasn't booked a hotel room yet, let us know--we may be able to help arrange inexpensive accommodations in the Conference Center for you!