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First gay sex scene on daytime TV

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 09, 2010 4:00 PM | comments

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Via Feministing, here's the first gay male sex scene on daytime TV, from One Life to Live. It's really cheesy with a cut to the candles just when it's getting fun, but, hey, that's the medium. Plus they get fireworks when they're done.

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Rae and Simone from Passions? How about Vincent and CHad for a short while were thought on the downlow. WHat about Luke and Noah? I will continue to argue that those two love birds from one life to live are not the first gay sex scene.

I think this is the first daytime gay sex scene in a bed.

Nice! Gotta start somewhere.

Barf Baggit Please! | January 10, 2010 9:16 AM

LOL!! Alex, i knew there was something peculiar about you -- yer a ROMANTIC!

this is simply not my cup o' tea at all, never like those modely types. give me an illiterate thug with a tatoo on his neck -- one that spells out his girlfriend's name, incorrectly, of course. which daytime soap would that be, prithee, could someone please direct me?

btw, that spooning scene at the end must indicate that they weren't all that versatile with their gymnasitcs and, if the dialogue is to be believed, sadly never will be.

from personal experience i have known some thugs who top, bottom, sidways and all the rest, and enjoy it tremendously, sexual politics be damned! it's amazing what one can learn, and the real-life scenes one gets involved in, as a literacy instructor.

omg, i'm hooked already! what do you think they'll do in the next episode?

and, oh, would Yasmin please weigh in on this? her take on such matters of pressing importance is key for the success of not only the bilerico project but glbt-liberty rights for all beings in the known worlds -- albeit not from a journalistic pov, to be sure.

hail Mary, full of grace . . .

BORING. It's not really a gay sex scene. The straight ones go much further and are much more explicit. It's still barely sticking a toe in the water.