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ManCrush's Super Bowl ad

Filed By Alex Blaze | January 29, 2010 7:15 AM | comments

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Well, these folks know how to get earned media. After the FOTF Super Bowl ad debate, this gay dating site announced they'd be trying to get their ad in.

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This is a stupid and offensive ad, and I hope it does not get aired.

The ad implies that if two macho men happen to touch, they turn gay. In other words, homosexuality is contagious. It implies that being gay is all about orgiastic sex. The third guy has a strange look on his face. Is he surprised by what is going on, or is he afraid they are going to touch him and turn him gay too?

Now that is just the offensive part. The stupid part is that the men do not use or even need the services that are ostensibly being advertised! In other words, this "advertisement" doesn't advertise anything. All it does shock and offend.

This ad gives credence to so many damaging stereotypes that I wonder who the ad agency was. AFA? NOM? I can only imagine.

Hmmm.... Two straight dudes suddenly turning gay? I think I've seen a few movies produced by and for gay men that follow that plot.

I also don't think they expected to get it accepted by CBS. They just wanted some earned media. They have around 200K views on YouTube for this, and I looked them up, so I guess it worked.

Hmmmm... Well, that has zero chance at airing in the super bowl. I'd be suprised if Mancrunch even has the cash on hand to pay for the ad.

It's a cute ad, but it'd be better if the actors actually did something... Like kiss.... Not just nuzzle in each other's necks suggestively.

Well, if the company can shell out two million dollars on a super-bowl ad...

Queers United blog is reporting the CBS has turned down the ads from the dating site and an ad from GoDaddy featuring an effeminate man.

I never liked football anyway. Real Men play ice hockey.

This ad is crap.

Personally, I definitely prefer the full frontal locker scenes from the movie Any Given Sunday ... they are worth renting the DVD if you haven't seen it.

Poorly conceived & offensive.

Besides obviously stealing from a much funnier SNL sketch? If I were a parent watching the game with my minor child, I would not want to see:
- Two men kissing,
- Two women kissing
- A man and woman kissing
- An abortion proclamation; either pro or con.

Really? No kissing? What's wrong with kids seeing kissing?

The spot will not win any advertisng awards, that is sure, but that's no reason to keep it off the air. Will be watching closely to see if there are ads for erectile dysfunction meds during the Super Bowl, and if they contain kissing.

Aw, c'mon Alex - you know exactly what I mean.
Get some Kwell, and quit nit-picking? There is nothing wrong with kids seeing kissing - but that ad is not a 'kiss'. I'm talking about kissing that is gratutious, meant to shock, or is more about the narcissistic need for public display than it is about genuine affection. ....sheesh!

dharmapupil | January 30, 2010 5:32 PM

@Jim: Really? Kissing is worse than gratuitous violence and real injuries/concussions and brain damage? How about continuous glorification of alcohol consumption? Gotta agree with Alex on this one...

I think everybody is taking this waaay too seriously: It made me laugh because it is so obviously satire and a sendup of straight men's fears. Didn't anybody else get that?

Lighten UP! Have a laugh when you see silliness!