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NOM wants Indiana

Filed By Donna Pandori | January 21, 2010 5:00 PM | comments

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The National Organization for Marriage sure is a busy organization. Brian Brown, Executive Director of NOM, sent an alert to his sheeple just as the Indiana Senate Judiciary Committee was considering the marriage discrimination amendment.

The Senate Judiciary Committee and grossly over-inflated Republican Senate was a slam dunk; the discrimination amendment now moves the House.

Who is leading the charge on this years rendition of the marriage discrmination amendment? The same old dogmatic religious based groups.

NOM reports

The fight on the ground is being led by state groups like the American Family Association of Indiana and the Indiana Family Institute.

NOM is activating an army of non Indiana residents to flood Indiana legislators with phone calls and emails urging them to support marriage discrimination. Indiana residents are not to be trusted to make their own laws.

Brian knows this out-of-state artillery works -

In just the past few weeks, we've seen just how dramatically voter phone calls and emails can influence legislators. It wasn't all that long ago that same-sex marriage was considered a foregone conclusion in both New York and New Jersey, pushed by party leadership with a governing majority in both states.

But same-sex couples cannot legally marry in Indiana so why is Indiana important to NOM? It's important to NOM and all religious-right organizations. They are praying that a marriage discrimination amendment will help influence the outcome of the 2012 Presidential and Indiana State elections in their favor. NOM has plenty of cash to burn and there are plenty of religious-right organizations chomping at the bit to recapture control of the White House, both houses of Congress, and a super conservative majority in the Supreme Court. Control over public policy keeps cash in their coffers.

It's a shame how much money continues to be wasted on initiatives like Indiana's Marriage Discrimination Amendement while there are so many families and children living poverty. All because of the definition of a word, Marriage, whose definition has been changing for the past 2,500 plus years.


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